Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Rest & More Oddities, Eighth Session

The eighth involved to players going back to hope and looking around the town a bit, while getting ready and eventually departing on their next mission for the explorers guild.

Having successfully drove off the Giant Space Harpy, the players took a long rest on their way back to Hope, questioning the explorers on board about how the harpy babies got there. It turns out that they had brought them on board, for various reasons…thinking that they could be used for all sorts of things. Most of their ideas involved trying to breed the harpies, for things such as food and maybe even materials or a workforce. The Players were obviously not happy about this because of the damage it caused the inside of the ship, as well as endangering everyone on board. On the lighter side of things Grazel Kinz came up on deck later on, talking about all this white paint he found downstairs and what all he was planning on doing with it, war paint, using it to decorate his harem and so on…To everyone’s horror they realized this was harpy poop. Not knowing if it had any other use, the stuff was cleaned up and put into a barrel for possible later use (if it has any uses).

Once back in Hope, on Law, they reported their findings and then took a must needed rest. The next 3 days were spent finishing up the ferrying mission for the Explorers Guild. During this time the party got more acquainted with Celeste, who for the most part wanted to be left alone…but she also didn’t want to be left on this small planet and so spent most of her time on the Aspirant and with the party, including going on the rest of their escorts with them. There was also a brief checkup on Halifor the burnt out pisonicist, who seemed to be quite happy here, and was apparently being treated much nicer by the Astronomers Guild then the party originally thought he would be.

The night of the final escort mission was some what of a party, with many of the council members from both guilds joining. Not much was talked about and everyone got nice and tipsy…it was a peaceful rest before the continuation of the Explorers Guilds requests…the dangerous asteroid investigation.

Checking up with Horun the Party was informed of just what it was they would be going into…at least what was known about it. 2 Days away there is a large asteroid roughly 5 miles by 5 miles in size, and there are signs on the surface of greenery, as well as a river of some sort. As Horun pointed out on the map it’s location, Celeste walked up closer to the party and mentioned that she had been there..and said that it has a inside…that the asteroid is hollow and there is a forest inside. This was quite a shock to Horun, who had no idea…but was also very excited as this meant it sounded even better then they had hoped for! Before they left Sariel got a copy of the latest Map of Fracture that the Explorers Guild had.

With this information the group set off, with no ceremony this time, to the asteroid. 2 Days travel later they arrived. Upon getting there they saw the outside was covered in the occasional growth of green vines…that while still scrawny were far more full of life and much more numerous then the ones they saw anywhere on Law (except for the ones at The Alchemists mansion). Just about to sit down next to the river they saw a man on the surface of the asteroid waving at them…pulling instead to fly over him Grazel Kinz was looking overboard and there was a loud “thump”. The goblin then cried out saying how the hit the poor man and he was splattered all over the hull of the ship! At first a few people were shocked, but Sariel assured the party that wasn’t true and the fact that the mischievous goblin was rolling around on the deck laughing made it apparent as well. Upon landing they hopped off the Aspirant and were acquainted with the tall, covered in plate, person who called themselves Kazon.

Kazon was a odd fellow, who seemed to be playing off his being here as a picnic or something just as easy going and normal…but you don’t just find people walking around the outside of asteroids. The party did not seem very accepting of him or his presence, and were almost all very suspicious about him…thinking he might be part of a trap or some group here, but he assured them he was not from here. After sneaking around and looking in a small shrine the man kept in a tiny alcove, they finally told him what they were doing here. He explained why he was here, and it turned out to be the same reason that Celeste was eventually here…some weird crazy person summoned him and was annoyed he wasn’t “undead”. He explained when asked that the closest way into the asteroid was a cave about 2 miles away, and that while he would be quite interested to follow them inside and see whats going on!

The session ended as the group was deciding wither they should walk to the cave or fly the ship there.



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