Xp, Items, Powers and Other Rewards

This thread is for me to explain how i plan to do rewards, as well as for you to post your opinion on how you would like to do them, and/or how you feel about the rewards you have given during the game.

I usually do not award specific XP points and instead simply tell the players when they have leveled up, i find this works better since it controls the pace of the game how it should be. However if people feel that they are not leveling up fast enough, or are leveling up too fast, i am more then willing to change at what times people level up. And for those who simply must have XP values just tell me and i’ll make up some number for you that puts you roughly where i want you.

Non Magical Items
Non magical items will only be tracked when i feel it is important, and usually with a warning prior to the event. So while you will not need to keep track of rations usually, if you get lost in the mountains or go into the desert i will tell you when we begin tracking them. Ammo is done in the same way, usually it will not matter but at times it does i will inform you, guns however will always require ammo tracking. Anything that you plan to sell, that is a consumable or generally that cost more then 5g you will have to buy, most other things will be provided for free.

Magical Items
I have always ran games where your item levels will vary usually only 1 level from where you are, meaning you will have a mix of magical items below your level, your level, and maybe 1 or 2 higher then you. I do not make a habit of handing out mostly higher then you items (as some players seem to feel is normal). I am willing to discuss giving out more magical items if people feel like I’m not rewarding with enough, I however am generally not willing to give out stronger ones then i am already doing, as I feel i have a good grasp on where the campaign is going. If there are specific items you are wanting or eying, you should tell me between sessions, it will increase the chance that you will get what you want instead of being assigned something i feel is nice. This however does not mean simply because you tell me what you want i agree to give it to you.

Powers/Abilities & Nonstandard Rewards
I have not decided how heavily, if at all, i will be handing out non standard rewards in this game, but the likelihood is high. These rewards will be negotiable by the players, especially the party not just the one receiving them. This is mostly to make sure that everyone is somewhat content with things and has their worries of any negative effects such things might cause, wither in combat or rp wise. While i will be willing to change things based on balance issues in these types of rewards, do not expect me to actually change what the reward functionally is. If you receive the ability to shed light on things you touch because you touched a star with your bare hands, I will not likely be willing to let you instead shoot out fire, as while they are both arguably related an offensive ability is in no way similar to a non combat effect.

Overall Reward Policies
For the most part i keep balance in mind foremost with a party, even more so then i do in 1 on 1 games. This means that i will restrict rewards somewhat based on how party members feel on things and their role. I am not going to give something to the tank that lets him be as healy as the leader, i am not going to give the controller something that makes him a better stealthier then the striker. This is not so much a role issue as it is a niche issue. If a player has obviously designed their character to be the best at something, i am not going to provide another player with the ability to trump that other persons. Be friendly and respectful with the other players, party stability is what I’m aiming for with rewards, not simply making each individual person happy with what they got.

Xp, Items, Powers and Other Rewards

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