House Rules

Here i will address rules that i have changed and policies that will effect the campaign. I will update this post when ever we come across another rule in game that is changed (I apologies ahead of time for not thinking to put them here). I also suggest that if you have any personal suggestions for rules changes to place them here.


Turn Speed If a player does not respond for 2 minutes his turn will be skipped. As long as he is there and responding and thinking/talking there is no limit on how long a turn can take. This is mostly to deal with afkrs. Optionally if it is likely they will be doing this a lot i will simply do their turn for them (only if this is what they want). Please spend other players turns THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU WILL DO, this one simple step will hasten game play a great deal.
Absenteeism First and foremost this is the age of the internet, if you can continually are late/absent without sending an email/im or contacting me somehow, you will be removed from the game. If you are going to be absent or late INFORM ME. We will run the games long as 1/2 the party or more is there, any less and the game will be delayed for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes every 30 minutes we will decide if we wish to delay or cancel. Players who are not present for the game will be controlled by the DM, unless they have established with another player that they would want them to control their PC. Anyone who is continuously absent or late will be risking being kicked and replaced. If you will have reoccurring problems please bring them up to the party and DM.
Inter Party Planning & Discussing First and foremost i want to explain that i will NOT tolerate people telling each other how to play. Just because you do not agree with what someone else is doing does NOT mean you can tell them what to do. Suggestions are ok, ocasionaly. If i feel that you are constantly trying to tell people what to do it will not be tolerated. The reverse is also true, i expect people to think for themselves, though getting opinions is ok too, but if someone is constantly letting other people decide what they are doing i will assume that that person has lost intrest in the game. Metagameing tactics is fine, and pretty much any information one of you knows it is assumed you can tell the others, though it is also assumed you are doing so verbaly, so unless you are close to one another you have to tell each other when you spot something, it’s not just autoamticly known (but it is automaticly assumed you tell each other).
Inter Party Conflict Theft/Aggression RP based and out of combat inter party conflict is allowed for rp purposes, but any time someone wishes to no longer engage in it, it will be dropped. Simple rp is fine, a thief can steal some of the extra treasure they find, someone might dull the fighters weapons while he’s not looking as a joke or cause he hates him, but these will not have actual in game effects. Attacking your allies in any real sense (trying to seriously wound/kill) them will only be allowed in an rp sense and will follow the already stated rule. AoEs that target allies are allowed however and are NOT to be limited by the people being affected, HOWEVER if it is possible for an ally to not get hit with the same exact result (just as many enemies hit with the same bonuses and all) then the allies being friendly fired on CAN require that it not target him as well. The point of this rule is to stop actual fights/arguments coming up in the game, but still not limit forcing characters to simply do their spells exactly where you want.
Inter Party Conflict Disagreements/Opinions A majority rules in the cases when a serious decision is being made and there are differences of opinion. You can still rp, try to change each others minds, discuss it, there is no reason why you have to decide instantly to go with the majority, but once a standstill has been reached the majority wins. If the minority trys to sabotage a decision just because it’s not something they agree with they will be punished. If someone trys to do something that will drastically change the game due to it’s action (such as suddenly attacking the king, or robbing the magic item dealer) then that action only happens if the majority of the group agrees on it. People who continually try to force the game to go their way or sabotage the party’s intentions/desires will be replaced.
Skill Checks You may roll skill checks when you want to for what ever reason you want, however if it is not something i have asked you to do the results of your roll may not matter at all. Simply rolling a 20 does not imply automatic success, but simply means that you have achieved the best result that is currently possible with your skill level/current situation. On occasion i will roll hidden checks for your characters, representing when you will not be aware of how well you do, mostly this will apply to stealth checks and occasionally perception checks.
Social Skill Checks For the most part social situations will not be skippable threw simple social skill checks unless i want them to be. If the person you are dealing with is a substantial person in the plot or i feel that you are trying to use the skills to do something that shouldn’t be allowed, what your skill check will do is relate to some secondary effect. So while the king can’t simply be charmed by rolling a 20 on diplomacy, it does mean that he is less likely to be pissed at you when you insult him with your roleplaying. During combat and vs small/non important npcs social skill checks can be used to skip rp for the desired effect, though rp may have just as good/bad a result.
Elites & Solos These monsters are supposed to be special, above the rest, not easy to fell or ignore. This being said that means that for the most part they have a great deal of “story” protection. Each has increased saves, their second winds are more powerful and remove effects on them, and they also may have other non standard abilities and defenses, ESPECIALLY defenses. For the most part this should be read as no effect or rule should be taken for granted when applied to an elite, and vs a solo most effects should be considered IFFY at best. EXPECT effects on a solo to not last, to be dispelled, to flat out not work and so on. The ability to second wind and increased stats when bloodied are some of the things that you can expect from all eliete and solos. This is all in order to maintain the feel of the story, witch combat comes second to.

Rules Changes

Total Defense changed to plus 4 to all defenses
Taking 10 taking 10 takes 10 times as long as normal and is only usable when success or failure has no dangerous side effects
Rituals I will be heavily controlling what rituals are allowed and what the components cost are.
Essentials Defense Auras vs Marking Essentials defender auras are treated functionally as a mark, that is applied when ever someone moves into the aura. For this case when dealing with actual marking, that means that any mark that is placed on someone in an aura overwrites the aura. Any time someone is marked and then is subjected to a defender aura that mark is overwritten for as long as they are in the aura. While auras and marks do not go away, they are still overwrote by witch ever was applied last. For the purposes of this rule on a defenders turn his defenders aura “overwrites” any marks at the end of his movement.
Pushing Off Ships When dealing with pushing people off small drops, such as 1-5 squares we will be using the basic rules, witch means they get a save and if they make it they fall prone instead of falling off. However when trying to knock someone off a ship it is important to know that gravity for bodies in wildspace draw people “up” towards the bottom of the ship, meaning that knocking someone off a ship will generally just cause them to have to walk up from the bottom.
Cover Behind Allies I do not use the cover rules for when you are behind an ally, this applies to npcs as well. I still use the normal cover rules, but for the most part only terrain has an effect, simply because the wizard is standing behind the fighter doesn’t give him cover. I am willing to change this rule if the party wishes to (a one time permanent change) but if so then any time the person benefiting from cover is missed BECAUSE of the cover granted (meaning the plus 2) then the attack instead hits the person granting them cover.
Monster Death Monster drop unconscious at 0 hp and die at -10hp. They continue to take any damage from ongoing effects and/or zones after dropping.
Dropping Under 0 HP There are many special rules i use when dealing with characters being at 0 or negative hp, i do not use the normal rules for death and dying. Character Death occurs when you reach an amount of damage past reducing you to 0 equal to your max hp, functionally meaning you can take twice your max hp in damage before you die. When ever you are reduced to 0 or less hp you begin taking 1 point of damage a round at the beginning of your turn until you make a successful (normal) save, at witch point you stop taking the damage. Heals applied when you are under 0 do NOT automatically increase you to 1hp first, but they do stop the ongoing 1 damage from bleeding, this means if you are at -5 hp and are healed for 7 damage, you will be at 2hp. Any ongoing damage or zone/aura based damage continues to effect you even when you are unconscious unless specifically stating otherwise. A heal check, DC 15 plus damage you have taken past 0 hp, will stop the 1 damage from bleeding and raise your hp to 0, attempting this heal check is a standard action. Finally and perhaps the biggest change is that when you are reduce to 0 or less hp you instantly must make a saving throw, receiving a penalty to the roll equal to the amount of hp you are under 0. If you succeed it means that you stay conscious and may continue to act on your next turn, however any time you take damage, including the 1 damage for bleeding, you must make another saving throw with a penalty equal to your new hp under 0 in order to stay conscious, this is NOT limited to once a turn.

House Rules

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