Hope is a small, and the only, human settlement on the asteroid Law. Having been on law for several decades, the people of Hope share trade agreements and a general peace with the asteroids only other inhabitants, a small tribe of goblins. Hopes life style is one of self sufficiency. Heavy on bartering and favor trading, the life of someone who lives in Hope is rather boring and filled with only minor pleasures, occasionally taking a balloon up out of Laws atmosphere on a nice quiet ride, playing various games with each other, and passing away their lives trying to pretend that they don’t know everyone on their world like family. Though simple and boring, Hope is a peaceful place filled with kind people who have very few problems and live most of their lives in a plain existence.

The town is controlled, though the term is used loosely as very little is actually ever done, by 2 guilds, the astronomers guild and the explorers guild. The astronomers guild takes care of trade, deciding when to relocate the town to another asteroid, nearly all forms of business, dealing with outsiders, as well as relations with the goblins. The explorers guild is responsible for finding resources, exploring locations on their current and any nearby asteroids, dealing with any sort of dangerous or hostile encounter, providing the work required to relocate Hope, as well as most other menial jobs and tasks needed by a society. Though to many outsiders, and to a few of the members, the guilds seem to be at odds with each other, the truth is that they function very well as a whole and both have the good of Hope at their hearts. Nearly every perceived problem between the guilds is actually minor and overlooked in times of even the most minute crisis.

Hope has several interesting things about it. As stated before it’s people maintain a peaceful existence with the asteroids goblin inhabitants, even if the humans feel extremely uncomfortable about the blast powder that the goblins make and trade with off worlders. The residents also are quite used to getting the occasional traveler from space, though most people in fracture are, and they take to outsiders with extreme friendliness, and a bit of greedy opportunism. It is the average person on Hopes dream to one day leave the asteroid, but practically none of them feel it is actually possible so they rarely pursue even the chances that do pop up for it, having grown used to the traders offering it only for exploitative sums.

Perhaps the last and most important note to the party about Hope is their frequent visits by tradesmen. Roughly once a month a different tradesman visits the town. These are usually people from other, larger, places in fracture and almost never spelljammer vessels (though the astronomers guild has no idea of the difference in the two). While the visits are frequent they are usualy from different people, with the same tradesmen only visiting roughly every 2 years. The traders offer all sorts of goods that are usually at fees far outside what a local of Hope can pay, but they also buy up a great deal of resources from the town, mostly crafted goods, raw materials and annoyingly to the humans the blasting powder of the goblins.


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