Tag: Retired


  • Rakten

    Rakten mysterious dissipeared shortly after wakeing up from the crash on Law. For the next following few weeks the party was lucky enough to have steak dinners almost every night.

  • Vulcan Ironsides

    After watching his parents die in an orc raid, Vulcan's hair became stark white. Since that day he has vowed to fight evil in all it's forms. Vulcan is a large man, muscles honed from years at the forge with his mentor, a dwarven paladin named Puck. …

  • Sariel

    Growing up on House Lyrandar's Airships and Elemental Galleons has made Sariel perfectly suited to life on a jammer, and it is something she has come to rely on. Much like the rising and setting of the sun and moon to most worlders, Sariel takes comfort …

  • Feredir

    Feredir was with the party from the beginning, at least what they remember. He was originally the ships procurement officer, dealing with goods, trade, knowing the prices for various things, and in general doing most of the book work that involved the …