Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Acquisitions, The Alchmeist, & The Aspirant, Third Session

Much happened during our parties 3rd session of adventure! It started off with them heading away from the explorers guild, directed by Varn to various ways of acquiring materials for him to begin attempting to build their ship. First they headed off towards the Great Alchemist of Hope. Discussing what they needed and could find use for on the way to the richest man in Hopes mansion, they arrived to see it was surrounding by a sprawling garden. Though obviously filled with greenery, lots of vines and even the occasional bush or leaf, the garden was sparse compared to any normal one on a regular planet. Waiting outside wondering how to get in they were approached by Vavilan Cromidore, the Alchemist, who came off as oddly magical and they realized was a powerful psionicist.

The conversations they had with Vavilan were friendly and productive, he seemed quite curious about them and what was happening to them, as well as showing interest in Rakten & Nievatashs psionic ability, and Sariels knowledge/interest in his alchemy/botany. The Alchemist offered to buy some of their trade goods for a modest amount of what they needed, and then agreed to provide even more if they were willing to come back in 1/2 a years time, once he had liquidated all of his funds, and provide him transportation into the inner rings of Fracture and to one of the large kingdoms. They agreed and then followed him to a underground level in his mansion, where he worked on his studies. The large basement was filled with test tables, containment rooms, and was covered in all sorts of unique looking flora. There he made them agree to a magical pact that would fill each person, including himself, with a psionic organism that would begin to destroy their minds if they intentionally tried to get out of the contract made with him. Though he offered one of them to be able to not take it, they all agreed to trust him. Finding their faith in him uplifting, he showed them one more way he could help, a small space craft spell canoe that he acquired a long time ago. This machine was big enough for 2 people to fit in, and possessed some interesting parts, including a homing device on it that locates the nearest mass of life and directs the ship towards. He offered the party it as salvage, suggesting that they use it to help build their ship, they agreed and headed out, to try and find the rest of the materials they needed.

Having acquired roughly half of what was required to build their new ship, they returned to the Astronomers guild and spoke with Elnro once more seeking ways that he could help them. While he was not interested in any of their main requests, such as simple jobs or buying their goods, there was something he wanted, and something he was very vocal about. He explained to them that the Pirates were still out there, and more then likely going to try and board them, to do what ever it was they wanted to do in the first place. Elnro had also seen their enemies ship…and wanted it. He offered a large portion of what they needed if they would capture the ship for him and provide it to the Astronomers guild as their own. At first the party was suspicious, wondering why the man would so feverishly want such a ship, they tried to get him to agree to take their smaller one instead, but in the end he refused and went on a rant explaining how a ship like that could change the entire town, could alter the life of the colonists like nothing else ever had. Wither they believed him or not, they agreed to board and capture it, then to provide it to the guild, however they required several guards to help with the assault, and managed to get Elnro to agree that they could have all the weapons and goods on the Pirate vessel.

Our players had a short conversation on their way to the next stop about what they should do with the spell canoe. They realized that it might be more profitable in all sorts of ways if they could somehow manage to build their ship without cannibalizing the smaller one. The verdict was quickly to keep the thing if at all possible, though they decided to leave it up for later to decide exactly what they were going to do with it to profit.

After the 2nd successful deal they headed over to the explorers guild, Their frequent visits paying off in instantly finding someone who could actually help them. Though Horun wasn’t available, his replacement for the day was, a old friendly and slightly senile man named Pinak. Pinak was very willing to help them, smiling like a old drunk fool he agreed to provide them with the rest of the materials they needed in return for them doing 2 different jobs for the guild after they finished their ship. The first job was to escort and ferry various expeditions for the guild for a weeks time, where the adventurers would be required to do little to nothing else other then just provide the transportation, this they made sure they were not responsible for providing food or such, but found that Pinak was not trying to pull a fast one on them and meant the job as it was stated, with no hidden intentions. The second job they agreed to however was more specific and dangerous. He wants them to explore one of the large and risky locations nearby, a place the guild themselves found far too threatening to visit. The party agreed on a price but then Sariel tried to get the old man to up the amount, using her magic, believing that they didn’t quite have enough materials yet, however Aku pointed out that he had “acquired” some things that added up to enough to finish the job. Seeing this Sariel backed down her demand, but Pinak being confused asked what he owed them and the Paladin Vulcan jumped forward to state the higher amount that Sariel had coeresed magically out of the man.

Having succeeded in acquiring all the materials needed to build their new space faring ship, they spent the next week of time looking over the spelljamming throne, spending time discussing with both the Explorers Guild Engineer Varn and the Great Alchemist of Hope. Their memories were returning swiftly, though no one had yet to fully recover. The town grew more and more interested in the players journey, until it became a waiting game for celebration time! After the ship was finished everyone quickly got on, brought the goblins and the guards from the Astronomers guild, and headed up into space, eager to face the pirates and then move on to doing their deals with Hope and into the stars.

As soon as they drifted out of hopes gravity well and past several floating rocks they were “supprised” by the pirates, who quickly started boarding actions. Our heroes prepared for the assault, their wizard and goblin crew on the deck, the astronomers guild guards, and themselves. The first few seconds of battle was all we had time for, but at the very end one of the pirates yelled out at aku, laughing and saying such a failure of a traitor should have stayed dead.

Past Posessions, Second Session

The party started off the second session in the ruins of their recently salvaged ship. The crashed vessel had been cannibalized by the goblins while they were in town, every piece of possibly usable material had been pried, hammered, torn and even sawed off, what was left couldn’t even be called the bones or frame of the ship, only scraps of bent iron and piles of wood ash. However they had found out that the goblins took the spelljammer helm and now knew how important it was.

After seeing that the goblins took it into their caves, and deciding as a team that it would be far too dangerous to go down there themselves, and that it it would probably be seen as an act of aggression by the goblins, they decided after debate to go back to town and have the astronomers guild open up a trade negotiation with the goblins for them. Initialy the party debated over wither they should go to the goblins directly themselves but decided eventually against it.

Once back in the town Hope while on their way to the astronomers guild they passed by bulk storage and were approached by Larson Kraul, the bulk storage master, who informed Nievatash that his unit was in need of being either taken out or his storage fees repaid, because the time was almost up. Interested in him knowing them, despite that they couldn’t really remeber who he was, they followed the man, finding out little information from him except that it has been around 6 months since he last saw Nievatash. He gave them their key, informed them to not forget about their stuff before they leave again, and then went off to go do paper work.

Inside the storage facility they found several crates filled with trading goods, mostly common stuff that would fetch decent money anywhere, and then as they moved things around and searched more completly they came across a box that had odd obviously special crests on it, as well as radiated powerful energies that seemed to effect all of them in various uncomfortable and painful ways. They debated for a long time what to do with it, wither they should look inside it, hide it or what not, and eventually decided to simply leave it there and go on about their business, coming back to get it when they needed to.

Having went to the astronomers guild and set up a meeting with the goblins, they were escorted shortly after by Saul Parat to the goblin camps, going directly to the goblin leader Grazel Kinz. The goblin village was filled with lots of blast powder, a material the goblins make and trade with offworlders for good money but something that the humans on Law despise and find way to dangerous. It was also made primarily of the stone of the asteroid, several of the buildings built from the solid rock in 1 piece, shiny and smooth after the goblin workmanship.

While in the goblin camp they attempted to buy their spelljamming helm back, with great success. At first the goblin boss seemed to be hesitant to get rid of the item, knowing it was special, but eventually for 25% of the goods they have in the storage facility, as well as promising to bring Grazel Kinz and less then 10 of his crew with them when they leave, he agreed to give it to them. The goblin was very quiet and sneaky about this, and it was extremely apparent that his tribe would not be happy at all if he left, though they would hardly fall into ruin or such. They also discussed possibly having the goblins build a ship for them, but the goblin leader said that they don’t know how to do that and even if they did it would just be made out of stone. After buying a few more things, some of the rare mushrooms the goblins have and 2 barrells of blast powder, the adventures headed back into town thinking of how to get a ship.

They came to the realization that there are no ships on Law so they went around trying to find someone who might be able to make one. Remembering Horun said something about them making ships when they move Hope to another asteroid, they contacted him, but he sent them to another Explorers guild member, Varn. Varn was a scientist like guy, an engineer of sorts who at first wasn’t quite sure what the people wanted, but explained that while he could attempt to build a ship for them he doesn’t have the materials, mostly that it would require a lot of wood that they don’t have. He did however point out that if they could get several of the towns people to agree to give up their homes he might be able to take the material from those places and make something like the rockets they use to explore close by asteroids. He also said that they might want to try approaching The Alchemist, a man who lives on the edge of Hope, a eccentric human who is the richest person on Law.

And so our session ended with the players heading out of the explorers guild, not quite sure where to go after this…having found varnto be little more then a finger pointer…

Broken Memories, First Session
start, first session

The party woke up in the dark and flickering flames of a crashed something. Slowly they stumbled to their feet and slipped outside, dragging one another to realize that they were in what appeared to be some sort of fish like ship that had crashed in the mountains. After making sure everyone left alive was ok they checked for salvage and quickly begin to move away from the wreck, seeking some place nearby that could house them or perhaps provide answers to what happened.

Everyone it seems lost most of their recent memories, only remembering things several years in the past, a few remembered being attacked, another remembered a life in space, some remembered less. It seemed during their brief search of the crashed vessel that no one of importance could be found…does that mean one of them is the owner of the wreck?

While going down the rocky terrain it was obvious that something was off about the terrain around here. Hounded by the shadows and cackles of a curious goblin tribe, the party made their way quicker down the easiest way to go, threatening the goblins if they came closer and were lucky enough to run into a group of humans.

As the humans approached our adventurers they finally realized that this was a tiny world they were on, an asteroid, and those who approached them seemed to be locals, an emissary from the Explorers guild and a business woman from the Astronomers guild, as well as several civilians.

Over the long walk back to the town of Hope they found out that they crashed on the asteroid Law, a small planetoid with very little on it, almost no fauna and very little flora, though a goblin tribe exists on the surface as well, one with a trade based diplomatic relationship towards the humans. It seems that every few decades the town must relocate to another asteroid.

Hope makes its living in harvesting water in the air and being a self contained society, though they do some business with the goblins. Their other main source of income is roughly each month a trader from the outside “world” one of the space faring people of this crystal sphere dock and buy sell and trade with them.

The party quickly picked up trying to find a way to get off this tiny asteroid, thinking there isn’t much they can do here, all the while also trying to find out what happened to them. Threw the 2 guild members as well as after a small interview and discussion with one of the higher ups in the Astronomers guide inside the town Hope, they found out that they were attacked by some odd pirates, who were specifically after them. There was enough evidence to prove that this was not just some random act of villainy.

The rest of the session was spent trying to figure out what the 2 guilds could offer them, as well as finding out a little bit of information about the town and asteroid its self, as well as the 2 people they met on the way here.

Finally they went to the wreck once again, resting for the night in town and slipping out past the guards, because the guards didn’t want them trespassing in goblin territory, the party headed up to the wreckage and found it completely salvaged, down to every piece of usable material, some even sawed off and pried away. Walking threw the remains they suddenly had flashbacks, remembering a bit more each individually and also collectively remembering getting attacked by the pirates with a psychic weapon. As they woke up they remembered the spelljamming throne, what it does, how powerful it is, and that they need it.

The very last scene was them searching for where the throne went and finding trails leading into a goblin cave…signs of the throne being drug inside.


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