Vulcan Ironsides

Jaks Human Paladin


Player-JakStarcrosser (skype)
Name-Vulcan Ironsides


After watching his parents die in an orc raid, Vulcan’s hair became stark white. Since that day he has vowed to fight evil in all it’s forms. Vulcan is a large man, muscles honed from years at the forge with his mentor, a dwarven paladin named Puck. Vulcan tends to let his opinion be known and has no problem solving matters with his sword.

After finding out about a powerful artifact of unknown origion, Vulcan hired on as a guard to investigate. With his trusty sword, Glamwyr, at his side he stands vigiliant against the evil that encroaches around the party. While he does not find the artifact itself to be evil, he realized that others might want to use it for such.

He has come to like his companions despite their difference. Even the rogueish Aku seems to have his heart in the right place. Although the minotaur, Rakten has not spoken much, Vulcan seems to relate the most with the big psionic warrior.

Vulcan met his demise on the Forlorn Hope. After killing off the pirate crew and beating Captain Rodregez, the Inferno Magus Jan launched a suprise attack, incinerating both Vulcan and the Captain.

Vulcan Ironsides

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