Vavilan Cromidore

The Great Alchemist of Hope


Name-Vavilan Cromidore
Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Explorers Guild
Relation-Hopes Richest Man, Business, Friend
Attitude-Open, Spontaneous, Super Curious, Rich, Spoiled

The Alchemist is known as many things on Hope. He is a powerful psionicist, though he often uses his powers for petty things, such as opening doors and playing with people. He is also a gifted botanist and threw that has learned a great deal of Alchemy. Vavilan Cromidore was not born in Hope, but he spent only the earliest years of his life somewhere else, and all he remembers is vague images of a child’s past. The Richest man on Law, he is eccentric, curious, and extremely friendly, prone to prattling on about his research, and constantly looking for something new and interesting to keep his mind busy.


The party met Vavilan Cromidore at the grudging suggestion of Varn, because of their need for materials to build a ship. Visiting his home they were greeted and brought inside, where he listened to their story with his usual eccentric overacting fascination, and promptly made several very lucrative business deals with the Alchemist. First he agreed to buy some of their goods to provide materials for their ship. Then he offered to provide more material if they would come back in 1/2 a years time once he liquidated his funds and provide him transportation into the central ring. Finally after convincing them all to drink a potion that would make sure that they didn’t betray him on the deal, seeing their trust in him, he let them salvage a small pleasure vessel he had, a 2 man pod that allowed short range space flight. Over the next week they spent several nights with the Alchemist, discussing his work, sharing their tales of their past (what they remembered of it), and in general being friendly.

Vavilan Cromidore

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