Explorers Guild Engineer


Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Explorers Guild
Relation-Engineer, Shipwright
Attitude-Aloof, Hesitant, Spacy, Excited

Varn is a man obsessed with and lost in his work. A high up member in the Explorers Guild, Varn has somewhat of a crossover job with the Astronomers, more so then any other aspect of the Explorers positions. He deals primarily in researching the astronomical layout of Fracture, and so spends a great deal of his time at the Astronomers guild researching their findings and using their tools…but his real job is in application research, though he doesn’t do it very often because of the lack of need. Varn is a always curious man who seems to never understand something the first time it’s said, but he keeps on pushing forward and questioning things until he eventually does, at witch point he either loses interest or drops everything else to delve into it.


Varn was approached by the players, at the suggestion of Horun, because he might know something about building a ship. It ended up that he did know quite a bit, but there was some confusion between the party and him on exactly what they wanted him to do. Initially he thought they were asking him to work on a ship, then he realized they wanted him to make one. There was a discussion of what sort of vessel, Varn at first thinking it was just a small pleasure vehicle like the floating balloons used to travel high above Law, but then he understood finally that they meant a whole ship for travel. He said he might be able to make one of their temporary rocket versions or maybe even a real one but that it would take a lot of resources he didn’t have. He was nice enough to give them possible ways to get material, though even then it didn’t seem likely to be enough…


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