Sneaky Young Trickster


Location-Lost Asteroid, Cave
Organization-Cave Survivors
Relation-Passengers, Charge
Attitude-untrusted, braggart, knows the ruins

Trish’s life before being summoned to the Lost Asteroid wasn’t particularly fun, impressive or that bad. She lived in a modest sized town with a poor family, spending most of her time on the streets hanging with some of the less dangerous gangs. She stayed out of more serious trouble, managed to never get that taken advantage of, and the few times she was caught breaking petty laws she managed to wiggle her way out either threw escaping or using her friendly cute appearance as a distraction “please mister don’t throw me in that dirty old jail!” While agile & sneaky as many professional thieves, Trish is not skilled with any weapons, shying away from actual combat…though her curiosity has often gotten her in places where being proficient with a blade would have helped her out. Her life on the asteroid was one of boredom…no new people to meet, only old ruins to sneak around and plunder…but with no where to sell the loot to, what’s the use?


The party met Trish with the rest of the Cave People on the Lost Asteroid. Trish was upbeat and seemed to be far younger then everyone except for Cruse. Trish spoke with the party in a friendly manner, and explained to that what she had seen in the ruins, including the possible treasures in there, the many shrines, and a lot about the forest and the lots of monsters that tend to roam it for short periods of time before dying off. The young woman was one of the people who wanted to follow the party off of the asteroid, but on their way out she went into the Forest that everyone was avoiding. There was a small argument here as Aminon wanted someone to go with her to make sure she was protected, but she ended up shirking that and heading off herself anyways, returning later with a dying Dryad and a statue she had always wanted but had been told she was not allowed to take. On board the ship Trishs new “friend” the Dryad sadly died in her arms, leaving the young woman a amber heart to always remember their brief friendship by. Once on Hope she pleaded with the party to take her on as part of the crew, pointing out that she was a young woman, quite skilled at sneaking around, and could be very useful to them in towns, as few people suspect the young, especially ones with breast. They agreed and she has been with the party since, often just hanging out on the ship when everyone else explores the more dangerous places.


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