The Weird Man

Weird Humanoid Magical Hermit


Name-The Weird Man
Location-Fracture Space, The Lost Asteroid
Relation-Powerful Hermit, Summoner & Banisher of Party members, Mad Scientist Overlord?
Attitude-aloof, unconcerned, weird, alien, busy

The Weird Man is a mystery. Who or what he is is unknown. Though not actually a he most people who have come across “it” tend to simply refer to it as a him because of the androgynous look his body usually takes. Having existed for at very least over a thousand years, this creature is somewhat of a monk or religious scholar by nature, at least that is the closest thing that his drive can be related to. Having reached some sort of immortal plateau with divine, arcane or perhaps even psionic magic, he is much like any other sort of humanoid that has ascended the boundaries of mortality. That he was once mortal is almost certain, mostly because of his curiosity and drive in reality. Few things that are naturally immortal, devils, elementals, creatures of the astral planes, possess any deep interest in the rest of the universe…


The party members met the Weird man at different times. Kazon Mueteres and Celeste met him before they even met the party, supposedly having been summoned by the weird man in a failed attempt to summon undead. The rest of the party met him when they came into the Lost Asteroid. Their first encounter with him was odd, upon opening conversation he instantly whisked both Kazon Mueteres and Celeste away (supposedly back to where they came from, though no one asked) and replaced the 2 of them with Aminon & Keothi, though he claims to have not meant to bring Keothi along. The party interrogated him for a while after this, asking what he was doing here, trying to find out if he was dangerous or not, and Aku even inadvertently ended up wishing for a chick (who was DOA) and getting one of his hands turned into a lizards claw, witch he ended up deciding he liked.

Nievatash, and through him the party, eventually agreed with The Weird Man that they would get the people of hope to come here. It promised to be polite for a period of time because of his interest in Keothi, and said he would not hurt or hinder the people of Hope for at least 1/2 a year. He also gave the party a small box to give to the people of Hope, saying that it was a tool and would help them build their civilization here.

This is where the party left him, but shortly after started hearing more and more things about him suggesting he was crazy, unsympathetic & viewed everything else as animals at best. In the end the party brought up their worries of the weird man to Elnro & Horun and the two decided that it didn’t seem safe enough for the people of Hope to go to the last asteroid…they did keep the box though.

The Weird Man

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