Selena Cowl

Selena Cowl, Astronomers Guild Business Woman


Name-Selena Cowl
Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Astronomers Guild
Relation-Business, Town First Contact
Attitude-Cunning, Curious, Selfish, Brash

Selena Cowl is in the business of business, and is one of the more aggressive members of the astronomers guild, she is always trying to exploit other people to increase her profits and therefore her guild ranking. She is not nearly as cunning or intelligent as she believes, but is still a step ahead of most people. When called out or when she makes mistakes she gets very quiet, but quickly jumps right back into being overly pushy and boisterous. She is prone to slipping with information she knows and enjoys leading people on to believing that she knows more then she does, or has more pull then she can really bring to bear.


The party met Selena when she and Horun came up to their crashed ship, leading them back to the town. She attempted very poorly to get them to join into a contract with the astronomers guild in any possible way, but was far too forward with it and ended up making them suspicious. She did provide them with a bit of information, and promised to give them an introduction to someone in the Astronomers guild who could actually help them with what they were looking for. She delivered on this promise.

Selena Cowl

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