Saul Parat

Astronomers Guild Diplomat & Tradesman


Name-Saul Parat
Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Astronomers Guild
Relation-Guide to Goblins & Diplomat
Attitude-Busy, Respectful, Private, Polite

Saul Parat is a trusted man, a human who knows his place in the system of Law, and that place is as a middle man between the goblins, humans and any offworlders. A quiet man who does his job and gives people the privacy they so often want, he sometimes comes off as busy or absorbed in his own world of problems, though is always polite and friendly, but there is constantly a slight tinge of dissociation with any of his friendly complements, as if he is just going threw the motions. Trusted, polite and professional, that’s Saul Parat.


The party met Saul Parat when they asked the Astronomers Guild to set up a meeting with the goblins for them. Saul was sent with them as a diplomat, and to answer any questions they had on the way, as well as to deal with any other possible problems with the goblins that may pop up. Another reason Saul accompanied them, though not to their knowledge, was in order to smooth over any horrible things that the party might do, so that the humans of Hope could separate themselves from these individuals…always looking out for the Guild. The party and Saul interacted very little overall, as he is a quiet man used to dealing with offworld traders and being little more then a guide to where the goblins are.

Saul Parat

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