Eladrin Bladesinger


item wishlist:

charger’s headdress
one other piece of that set that isnt a totem.
if the party decides to cheese a keyword, a rapier of appropriate keyword.


Growing up on House Lyrandar’s Airships and Elemental Galleons has made Sariel perfectly suited to life on a jammer, and it is something she has come to rely on. Much like the rising and setting of the sun and moon to most worlders, Sariel takes comfort in the rythmic motion of the ships, and the sense of wonder she experiences when she gets into the jamming seat never seems to diminish. To feel the space around you as only a ship can is something she knows most people arent lucky enough to ever experience, and she treasures it. Needless to say, she’s the navigator and pilot for the party, and feels more at home on the ship than on land.

Sariel believes violence is not the answer to everything, and conflicts that are resolved without a single blade drawn are usually more profitable for both parties as a whole. That said, she is not one to shy away from unavoidable battles and her proficiency with both blade and spell have come to her aid whenever words fail. When faced with opposition, Sariel prefers to open the fight aggressively, and decisively end the battle as quickly as possible. An opponent after all, is truly defeated not when he runs out of resources or attacks, but when he runs out of the will to continue the fight.


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