Pirate Captain of the Forlorn Hope


Location-Fracture Space, The Forlorn Hope
Organization-Central Kingdom Privateer
Relation-Opponent, Boss, Enemy
Attitude-tough, opportunistic, professional, brutally playful, haughty

Rodregez is a man who enjoys his craft and has been doing it for a long time, both the piracy and the enjoying it part. Born to a noble family deep inside of Fracture, he grew up pampered and told his whole life that he would inherit all his possible desires. Rodregez didn’t feel that was enough however and quickly started taking things by himself from where ever and who ever he wanted, despite being able to acquire them with his family’s vast wealth legitimately. After a rebellious youth he was offered a spot as a privateer captain, witch was quickly taken up, and over a very short period of time he became extremely skilled at it. Playful, haughty, and always with a burst of energy, Rodregez pillaged and plundered across Fracture Space until his untimely demise.


Captain Rodregez is the man responsible for the attack on the party members that damaged their memory and destroyed their ship. Though not the one who manned the weapon, nor the person who decided to attack them in the first place, he none the less was the captain of the ship and so holds all responsibility. Shortly after killing the person who manned the malfunctioning psionic weapon, he decided to stay in orbit around the asteroid of Law just in case they survived, or possibly to find more clues to the powerful item they were sent out here to find. Weeks later when the adventurers flew up into space the captain quickly assaulted them, but his crew was slain surprisingly fast and brought low after a quick and unexpectedly fierce battle against superior numbers. Being as fair and haughty as a prisoner can be, Rodregez was very cooperative in telling them what they asked about but proceeded to attack them again, suicidally, once he realized (correctly) that they were going to go against their word and leave him to die stranded on a deserted asteroid. Knocked out by Aku, Rodregez was not awake at his final moments, when he was mercifully incinerated by his first mate Jan.


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