Explorers Guild Elder


Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Explorers Guild
Relation-Business, Horuns Replacement
Attitude-Calm, Almost Doped Up, Quaint, OLD

Pinak is ancient and a happy old man. Used to sleeping for days when doing his shifts at the Explorers Guild, when he actually has business to do he tends to be extremely pleased and enjoy the company, though sometimes this can be very disruptive and some traders who have been coming to Hope for years actually seek out to specifically not deal with him because of it. He is intelligent but teetering on the loopy side of being old, prone to mishearing things, agreeing to things he has no right to, and in general just being extremely aged.


Pinak only dealt with the party members for a very short period of time, during their 3rd visit to the Explorers Guild. Replacing Horun, who was off duty at the time, he helped figure out what the Explorers Guild could do for them and what they could do in Return. In the end they agreed to provide ferrying services for the Guild for a weeks time to other asteroids, and to also personally do an expedition into one of the more dangerous locations. He seemed quite pleased with it and offered as much as he could, but then Sariel tried her jedi mind tricks to get him to agree to a little more pay, he was about to say yes when Aku told them that he had managed to “find” enough to cover the rest, and so they didn’t need it, but when Pinak asked if he had offered 30 or 33 % Vulcan said 33, so they left with a bit more then he had origionaly said he could afford.


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