Larson Kraul

Astronomers Guild Storage Master


Name-Larson Kraul
Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Astronomers Guild
Relation-Storage Master, Old Acquaintance
Attitude-Friendly, Helpful, Slightly Curious, Honest

Larson Kraul is one of the busiest people in Hope, always on the go and always doing something. Holding down over 5 jobs, his main 2 being message courier and manager of the Bulk Storage facility, he is never in the same place for long but seems to always be around the corner. Perhaps because of his wide variety of skills and getting around Larson has learned to be extremely friendly to everyone he meets and though a member of the Astronomers Guild of some note, he holds very little bias towards it as an organization, instead priding himself on friendly and honest dealings with people.


Larson Kraul introduced himself when the party walked by the Astronomers Guild Bulk Storage facility. Approaching one of them he seemed to be on familiar terms with him and proceeded to explain the current situation with the party’s storage unit. He was quite friendly, answering their questions, giving them their key and showing them to their goods. He was very busy and so left quite quickly, returning to his office, but happily reminded them to not forget their stuff if they leave Law again. Overall Larson Kraul seemed extremely nice, and even warned the players about defaulting on their storage fees, saying that was how the Astronomers Guild makes a lot of their money, he seemed like an honest guy.

Larson Kraul

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