Inferno Magus Jan

First Mate of the Forlorn Hope


Location-Fracture Space, The Forlorn Hope
Organization-Central Kingdom Privateer First Mate
Relation-The Forlorn Hopes First Mate, Enemy
Attitude-Scornful, sour faced, annoyed, inpatient

Jan is a man with a chip on his shoulder. Ever since he was young Jan’s life was filled with problems and tragedy’s. His fire powers had a habit of erupting uncontrollably as a child, eventually resulting in the death of his family, and later the death of several people in a foster home, and finally a large scale fire destroying nearly 10% of a large town. Locked away for the next 5 years Jan spent his life in constant fear of killing those around him at any moment. During the incarceration he picked up the notice of a large noble house, who manipulated funds in order to functionally buy the prisoner. They then proceeded to teach him how to harness his powers and bind him into their servitude. It was in his mid 20s that Jan was finally “used” by the house, made the first mate of a interesting privateer noble with the name Rodregez. The last few years of his life were spent growing closer to this man who was functionally his owner, but who seemed to treat him more as an equal. In the end Jan did his best to help out his Captain as much as he could, killing his friend in an attempt to save him from a torturous fate.


Jan met the heroes after they boarded the Forlorn Hope, repelling his captains attack on the party’s ship. He attempted to help Rodregez fight them, but saw his friend brought low almost instantly, and then was ordered to surrender by the Noble born Privateer. However after a brief respite of combat and a short conversation, they both realized the adventurers were planning on letting them starve to death on a asteroid so resumed the battle. Knowing that they were outmatched he chose to do the best thing he could with the limited amount of time he had and the position they were in. By expending all of his power in a brief moment he managed to incinerate (and murder) Vulcan the human paladin, as well as kill his dear friend Rodregez, giving him the mercy he felt the man deserved. He spent the last few hours of his life tied up, quiet, and was eventually showed the item they had initially attacked the party to acquire. It was then that he was slain by Aku as he marveled at the objects obvious power, his body was then stuffed inside a crate and sent on board the Aspirant.

Inferno Magus Jan

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