Explorers Guild 2nd Tier


Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Explorers Guild
Relation-Guide, Town First Contact
Attitude-Direct, Cautious, Friendly, Anoyed With Astronomers Guild

Horun is a man who understands the world he lives on and the society he works in. He is a quiet man who does his job and attempts his best to do as much as he can with the power he has, especially in trying to contain the damage he feels the Astronomers guild is causing people. He is a man of the book, and cautious, well informed, helpful and very much a guide to anyone who may be of need. He is also a 2nd Tier member of the Explorers guild, meaning that only people on the Council are on a higher rank then him. Often he is the person who is sent out to actually represent the Explorers guild, and as such is well know around Hope as the person to talk to for information or business with the Explorers guild.


The party met Horun after they were leaving the ship wreck while heading down the mountain. He quickly introduced himself and explained that they should be getting back to town. He was very helpful, calm, friendly, and in general offered honest advice, though made several slightly negative remarks about the astronomers guild to the party, as well as to Selena. Horun provided them with a great deal of information but was in general not particularly helpful unfortunately.


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