Burnt Out Psionicist


Location-Fracture Space, The Forlorn Hope
Organization-Central Kingdom Ship Psion
Relation-The Forlorn Hopes Psion, Enemy Ship Power Supply, Enemy Survivor
Attitude-nervous, burnt out, exhausted, scared

Halifor is a middle aged man getting near old age but already burnt out far past his prime. Having been a Psion in service of one of the great kingdoms in the central hub of Fracture, he has spent almost his entire life using his substantial power to help move their ships threw space. He is a quiet man who has learned, since joining a privateer group, to hide in the shadows, cower in the corners, and in general scurry about trying to avoid being noticed and therefore avoid being beaten. Halifor acts the part of a broken shell of a man, but underneath the scars and fear is a man who has a powerful psionic mind, and the capability to last a lot longer then it seems at first glance.


Halifor was first seen during the fight the party had on the Forlorn Hope with captain Rodregez and Inferno Magus Jan scurrying about, hiding and not engaging in combat, seemingly just trying to get away from any danger. Once the battle was over the party talked with the man, deciding that he was not a threat and that they did not hold him responsible for being part of the crew. They decided to let him go on Hope and he was quite pleased with this resolution, having by this point in time became horribly scared of the pirate crew. However, once the party landed, Halifor seemed to disappear without anyone taking notice. This wouldn’t have been a problem except that Elnor from the Astronomers Guild decided that he wanted the Psion to teach him them how to use the captured Forlorn Hope. As of now Halifor is probably somewhere in hope…he can’t go far on a asteroid as small as Law.

He is currently working on law, and seams to be much happier that he was when the party last saw him. He told Niev and Aku that Captain Rodregez where after an object of great power (which was probably the crate). He also told them a little about the weapon that caused there ship to crash in the first place.


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