Grazel Kinz

Law Goblin Tribe Underboss


Name-Grazel Kinz
Location-The Asteroid Law
Organization-Goblin Tribe
Relation-Goblin Leader, First Recruited Crew
Attitude-Laughably Underhanded, Thoughtful, Adventurous, Selfish

Grazel Kinz is a goblin who wants off Law more then anything else. Selfish, but thoughtful, this goblin boss has grown bored with his ruler-ship of the goblins of Law, after all there is no conflict on the asteroid, no resources to fight over, no where left to explore…What he desires is adventure, the thrill of a fight, of danger! Grazel Kinz wants to know what its like to recover from death, to gamble with the lives of his minions, to bask in new found wealth and glory! But mostly…he wants to find more babes, goblin babes, human babes….maybe the legendary ogre babes he’s heard of. He enjoys telling the tales he’s heard, 2 heads, 3 arms, the size of half a dozen goblins!


Grazel is a surprisingly good leader, even if he seems a bit underhanded and a little oblivious to other people being completely aware of what he’s doing. Though a somewhat trustworthy guy he isn’t one to let opportunity slide him by, even if grabbing it means letting go of the people relying on him. Off into the stars is his dream, and off into the stars he will go one day!

Grazel is developing a friendly and close, if devious and lecherous, relationship with Aku, as both of them seem to have a similiar mentality of the world.

Grazel has shown some skill in using explosives, as well as in playing small tricks of the party that he finds hilarious (and are mostly harmless).

Grazel Kinz

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