Giant Space Harpy

It's A Fucking Giant Space Harpy


25 feet tall and as tough as the asteroids she lives on, the giant space harpy that lives near Law is a monstrous beast, all but impervious to most damage. Towering over everything else in her ecosystem, she possesses a feral intelligence and is far more cunning then most would be led to believe. However because of her size, the ease at witch she can crush rock with her massive talons, her wings that can exert typhoon like gusts of wind, and the ability to launch flaming balls of phlegm at anything she wishes to see destroyed…she rarely resorts to anything other then the direct approach. The Giant Space Harpy possess the face of an old hag, and the body of a wiry beast. Her chest is that of a woman’s, her legs are curved backwards and tipped with talons like those of a bird…only 6 inches long and able to pierce steel. Her wings dwarf her own size, and possess iron like feathers that repel all but siege scale weaponry. The creatures voice is a bellowing roar, enhanced by a innate magical property all of her species possesses, magnifying the terrible effects of this already ghastly dangerous Giant Space Harpy. She is simply destruction personified in the regions she chooses to inhabit, a force of selfish territorial power that is the bane of all those who dare earn it’s attention.


The party ran across the Giant Space Harpy on one of her many asteroid lairs, where she gives birth to and looks after her fragile young. The Explorers Guild, who the party was working for, had been investigating into the asteroid and woken up the younger and baby harpies inside, causing the deadly bird ladies to go into a frenzy, killing many of the ordinary humans, and chasing off the rest. The party themselves delved inside however and rescued the few members of the guild left alive…only to run in the Giant Space Harpy. It was Aku who originally was noticed by her, after that there was a brief and hazardous race as the party escaped out of the short tunnel leading to the outside. The force the Giant Space Harpies exerted in her chase was so strong that it was cracking the asteroid itself, causing large pits and gout’s of fire to erupt all over. The group however managed to escape her wrath, using explosives to bring down the cave entrance on their pursuer at the last moment as they lept outside…However as they flew off in the Aspirant she broke threw her now ruined nest and continued her flight after them. The chase was once again intense but brief, as she threw many of her younger, but not baby, progeny at the adventurers, and set much of their ship on fire with her flame lugies. In the end she met her match against the ships siege weaponry, witch could harm even her, and was forced to retreat, wounded and pissed off.

Giant Space Harpy

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