Fornay Faust

Crazed Wilden Sorcerer


Name-Fornay Faust
Location-Lost Asteroid, Cave
Organization-Cave Survivors
Relation-Passengers, Charge
Attitude-half crazed, terrified, paranoid

Fornay Faust has not had a easy life. Born into a culture that was unrefined and known for it’s agressive tendencies as well as barbaric mentalities, Fornay spent all of her childhood and the first few years of her adulthood among her own kind before she finally managed to escape. A natural user of magic, Fornays sorcery eventually proved to be her way out of the Wilden society and into the more refined one of humans. Using her sorceress talents to help others, she briefly made a life as a sort of magic user for hire before joining a arcane society that found interest in viewing her as a guinipig. There she spent many years as a spectacle before meeting her much older husband Bordan. Shortly after meeting they got married & were driven off or escaped, depending on who you asked, from the mages they had both previously worked for. On the run they were to be whisked away much further then they had ever intended of running when The Weird Man brought them to the Lost Asteroid…


Fornay met the players on the Lost Asteroid when they met the Cave People, being one of them, more specifically being the wife of Bordan. She was apparently half crazy from the very first time they met the group, and seemed to stay that way for the most part. Fornay provided very little assistance to the players, except for her overreacting about nearly everything involving The Weird Man, or going outside the cave, though both of these seem to be becuase she had been cursed by him to get raped by everything from other people to monsters if she stepped foot outside. She told them of the terror the weird man has caused everyone here, insisted that they don’t try to fight him, and was one of the most vocaly adamint people about getting off the lost asteroid with the party. In the end even with their several hour trip to the ship she didn’t end up being accosted, and once on Hope her & her husband showed their thanks by giving up a book that held the majority of their magical research over the years. After that the two of them left the ship with plans to live a nice quiet life with their new aquaintences.

Fornay Faust

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