Face Of The Astronomers Guild


Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Astronomers Guild
Relation-Business, Astronomers Guild Face
Attitude-Car Salesmeny, Aggressive, Friendly, Demanding

Elnro has long been the face of the Astronomers Guild. Though he is not actually their leader, he is on the council and holds considerable sway, in as much as you can in decision making committee. Elnro is a fairly placid man usually, taking a great deal of joy in people coming to him to deal with the guild. He takes the business done threw the Guild with a false sense of personal involvement, as if by simply allowing others to go about their way he is somehow participating, though in reality he is usually little more then a finger pointer. However he does have the authority to start new contracts, he just rarely does so…butwhen he sees an opportunity to strike, to raise the power of the guild and the security of Hope, he is extremely aggressive and his true negotiation skills come out.


The party met Elnro first when they approached the Astronomers guild, lead by Selena Cowl, to do business and possibly get questions answered. The man didn’t have much to offer, simply informing the party that he could set up trade negotiations with the goblins, and possibly even reward them for doing underhanded things in the goblin territory, though he was quite forward with the fact that the Guild would not ever admit involvement. He then proceeded to tell them what the guild knew about the attack on their ship, as well as giving his personal opinion, that the pirates were after them specifically, not just raiding randomly, and that they were trying to board them but accidentally caused the ship to crash instead. The second time the party met Elnro was when they were trying to get materials for constructing their ship, despite the fact that Elnro had insisted on their first meeting that it would not be possible to build one or find a way off of Law. He seemed eager to help a substantial amount, and then hit them with the fact that as payment he wanted the pirates vessel captured for Hope. After a heated debate the party finally agreed, not only getting materials to help but also several personnel to join the boarding actions.


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