Davoi Smith

Harpy Asteroid Explorer Leader


Name-Davoi Smith
Location-Hope, on the asteroid Law
Organization-Explorers Guild
Relation-Leader of Harpys Lair Asteroid Expedition
Attitude-Militant, Cowardly, High Class, Bossy

Davoi Smith is what passes for nobility on Law. Born into a family who has constantly had every member in either the Explorers or Astronomers Guild, it was expected of Davoi to join one of them and to make himself noticeable, with the hope being that doing so would make his family proud. He certainly succeeded on making people take note of him, as even at a young age he was prone to treating other people as lessors, and to lording his families history and power over others in a way that was extremely disruptive and prone to causing problems. For the most part his family didn’t mind this rude attitude, his mother being an Astronomer meant it was simply accepted that she herself was one of the more haughty members of society and so it was seen as natural for it to have rubbed off on her progeny. In truth Davois life is filled with anger and fear. Anger at failing to surmount to anything significant in his life, and fear at dying trapped in a legacy he never wished to follow, a slave to his family’s desires and way of living. He is a brash man, quick to throw out commands and even quicker to drop any project he feels is even slightly possible of failure or tarnishing his name.


The adventurers met Davoi Smith on one of the small asteroids they were ferrying people from the explorers guild to. Upon arriving back to pick up the quarry of people they found that some sort of disaster had popped up. Davoi was in charge and quickly started trying to demand that they be taken back and that the people left inside should be held responsible to their own fate. He tried to convince the party that those inside were likely dead and because of their own irresponsibility. He also continually tried to pull rank on his fellow Explorers, demanding from each of them that they do what he said, and getting furious when ever someone disagreed with his claims of what happened during the attack. Davoi was also very aggressive and loud with the party, but never went as far to try and actually force them or pull his rank to get them to do his bidding. As of now he seems to be the cowardly sort and is ok with quitting far before the time anyone heroic would give up…

Davoi Smith

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