Cursed Reincarnated Goliath Girl


Location-Lost Asteroid, Cave
Organization-Cave Survivors
Relation-Passengers, Charge
Attitude-Cautious, Thankful, Regretful, Downtrodden

Cruse began “his” life as a powerful warrior of a race unique to his sector of the universe. Standing nearly 10 feet tall and imbued with natural magical talent, he was a master of the martial skills of war and a sorcerer of high renown on his world. His life changed when he was summoned by The Weird Man into a small realm he didn’t know or understand. Quickly he retaliated against his foe, but was beaten in the process. However as a reward for providing the weird man such a interesting specimen, instead of being killed he was turned into another creature, slightly less powerful then he used to be but still with most of his knowledge of his previous life. Enraging Cruse further, he spent the next several years setting up many different attempts to slay The Weird Man, all of witch failed, and most of witch were “rewarded” by him being turned into an even weaker creature. Eventually his defiance was turned from lethal intent to simply trying to disrupt the weird man, and then pointless stubborn resistance. Now Cruse is left almost helpless. Weak and with the majority of his past forgotten or corrupted in the many reincarnations, Cruse is a broken soul who no longer desires anything but to live his life outside this prison, a simple normal life.


The party met Cruse in the cave on the Lost Asteroid. There she didn’t stand out very much, but there were several references to her past incarnations, as well as to her being the longest running “member” of the asteroid, other then The Weird Man himself. She highly suggested that they not fight the weird man, and was one of the people who wanted to try to get off the asteroid with the party. They accepted and she flew off with them. Once at hope she gave the party a reward/payment for their help, most of the materials she had left from her past lives, including several useful magical items. There Cruse joined Hope and left the party, thankful for the luck of having met them, and looking forward to living the rest of her life in quiet.


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