Dark Lost Emo Girl


Celeste came from a demonic realm where she served as one of the higher powered Cambodians concubines. However for various reasons that are unknown to the public she was cast out and sent away. During her time wandering and in limbo she was suddenly picked up by the Weird Man and dropped into his asteroid. Their, being ignored by her summoner, she looked around and eventually found a way off the asteroid, by hitching a ride secretly on a Giant Space Harpy. However all it ended up doing was bringing her to an even smaller asteroid, one that was covered by the young of the monstrous beast. Eventually she met a group from the Explorers Guild who was exploring the asteroid. They fought off many of the harpies that they had pissed off by waking up, and hid outside until the Party arrived. She helped them investigate the nest, and run away (saving Akus life in the process). She was quite valuable to them during the following battles, but was usually very quiet and to herself. Seeing the adventurers as the only real way to get out of the no mans land she was in she followed them until they met the Weird Man, who instantly whisked her and Kazon Mueteres away to somewhere…feeling like he was doing her a favor (despite her not actually having any say in the matter).



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