Old Retired Adventurer


Location-Lost Asteroid, Cave
Organization-Cave Survivors
Relation-Passengers, Charge
Attitude-retired adventurer, respected, cautious

Bordan used to be an adventurer. With his band of marry friends he journeyed the lands righting wrongs, saving people in duress, helping towns down on their luck, and learning the ins and outs of the trade of being a hero. That however was several decades ago, and since the end of his career he sat down and relaxed with his Wilden wife Fornay Faust. They lived peacefully off of his earnings, both monetary and social, that his life brought him, all of witch was taken away when The Weird Man summoned them to the Lost Asteroid. Here Bordan has spent the past few years watching his wife slowly drift into madness, and found that he now plays the leader role for anyone else who finds themselves here…counseling those who need it, attempting to hold together their humanity, to teach the others how to salvage what life they have left and ways they can cope with their situation.


Bordan was one of the people from the Cave the adventurers met on the Lost Asteroid. As the apointed “leader” of the group he explained much of their plight to the party members, including how long each person had been their, their relative feelings about things, and just how evil The Weird Man really is. Bordan proved to be very adept at mediating the people around him, including his wife Fornay Faust who was prone to a negative reaction towards the party. However despite him being the leader he actually did little else involved with the party, and his main influences were convincing Aminon to let Trish go in the forest alone, giving the party his and Fornays spell book for payment of their passage to Hope, and keeping his wife in check of being more crazy then usual.


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