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Winning & Work, Fith Session

after break

The fifth session of our Spelljammer campaign was nearly a month after our last one unfortunately and started with some problems on my side. One of the players who was to replace one of the two who quit hadn’t been heard from in quite a while and one of the mains had to show up late. However we started shortly after our appointed time and had a nice long session.

We started with our adventures on the deck of the Forlorn Hope, interrogating the freshly brought down Captain Rodregez. It was not sure what the party had decided to do with him last session, so we re decided, in the end coming up with that while they told the Captain and his first mate (Inferno Magus Jan) that they were going to leave them with the authorities on Law, the party had actually decided that they were going to leave them to starve to death on a nearby asteroid. Rodregez somehow saw threw that this was a lie but bid his time momentarily while he answered a few more of their questions (witch were ones i believe we had discussed in the session a month ago, but it never hurts to go over things again). He then suddenly decided that while he was willing to quit a fight before his death if it meant he would live in prison, he was not willing to surrender to people who were obviously planning on doing something else. So the Captain drew his blade and leaped at the wounded Sariel, only to quickly and efficiently be bonked on the head by Aku, falling to the deck unconscious.

It was then that Jan made one of the toughest decisions in his life and leaped forward, wordlessly unleashing all his pent up energy into the group, focusing on the brash Paladin Vulcan. His unexpected attack, as well as the surprising fury of it, caught the party off guard. Such was the intensity of the attack that Vulcan stood no chance in surviving it, as the dozens of minute meteors pierced threw his plate armor and exploded inside, turning his chest into jelly. Most of the rest of the party was spared the wrath of the attack, except for a few minor burns. Rodregez was dead as the smoke cleared, several purposefully well placed attacks having executed him. Jan stepped down, broken, sat down on the deck and simply muttered that his Captain did not deserve a dishonorable death, and so gave him mercy instead.

The adventurers tied up Jan and headed back to Hope. Once on hope they were received with a great deal of enthusiasm and cheering, though less then the festival when they left (many people had jobs to go to by now, and the goblins had all left to go back to their villages and work out what to do without a Chief). The party was tired however and had business on the mind, singlemindedly making their way to the Bulk Storage facility. Larson Kraul saw them on the way and tried to strike up a friendly conversation with them, but it seemed they were busy and so politely excused himself. Once at their storage room they showed jan the box with the powerful object in it and asked him if this is what the pirates were looking for. Jan wasn’t sure because they were never told specifically what it was, but claimed that this objects power would make it desirable by anyone. It was at this point that Aku decided that was all they needed to know about him and killed the bound prisoner by hugging him and pressing his dozens of blades into the helpless pirate (while the party just watched silently). There was a brief discussion on how to deal with the body and the mess, the final decision being to apologize to Larson for the blood and to put Jans body in a crate then ship it to their ship the Aspirant.

The party then headed back to their ship but realized they should probably go talk to the Astronomers Guild now, since the guild was looking for them and was polite enough to not leap on them at plantfall. The Guild was obviously busy, as there was only a skeleton crew outside maintaining the gate, but our heroes were quickly escorted to the council chamber. Here they found the majority of the Astronomers, as well as the Council, holed up in a nearly filled room, discussing the possibilities of the pirate ship and what it could do for Hope as it was their property now. It seemed that the two main ideas were to either use it as a large colony vessel to move hope to a much larger and less time/distance limited asteroid, or to set up a major trade route with one of the larger central based kingdoms. It was now that Elnro noticed the party and went on to discuss how lucrative their deal was, and how helpful to both parties it was. The man was extremely careful to not come off as the Astronomers Guild being in debt or overly thankful however, and viewed the exchange of helping the adventurers get their ship working and the party then providing the pirate ship to the Guild, as being a balanced exchange. There was a brief finalization of the deal and then they headed off up to the ship in orbit to get the astronomers on board.

Once there the group again spoke with Elnro, who was curious as to how the whole thing worked. When told of Halifor, the burnt out psion, Elnro decided he would have the man teach them. It was then that everyone noticed that no one had actually seen the psion since landing, and he wasn’t on the ship. Elnro seemed to not be worried about this, as Law was a small asteroid, the goblins weren’t dangerous, and Hope was a even smaller city. He was quite sure the out of place man would show up eventually and wouldn’t cause too much trouble. The party was slightly worried with Elnros tone, as it appeared he had plans of turning the burnt out psionicst into a slave, but the Astronomers Guild council member assured the party that he would do no such thing, and wouldn’t require the man to actually pilot it anymore but just to teach them how to do so themselves.

Almost ready to relax, the last thing they did before retiring to a night of rest (and for aku carnal acts with sexy sexy goblins) they checked in with the Explorers guild, finding out what was required of them in the coming week they had devoted to ferrying the people to for support in building the Aspirant. With knowledge in hand they then crashed.

The next few days were spent going about on various small close asteroids, bringing crews of sometimes 3 and sometimes as much as 15 to different places. The party saw how busy the people of Hope are when they put their mind to it, and more importantly when they have the resources and means to go about doing anything other then sitting at home and looking into the night sky. Things were going well until arriving back at one of the larger groups they had set down they noticed something obviously bad had happened. Laying in a corner were several wounded explorers and a completely out of place stranger next to them. Guarding the entrance to a large cave leading into the asteroid were armed guards, as well as explorers looking inside…but no one was actually going into or out of it. Davoi Smith stood away from the cave, his 2 personal guards right next to him, and instantly jumped on the party, telling them that they needed to leave, and do it quickly Over the next few minutes the party was told that birdlike people attacked the explorers while they were inside the cave, it was sudden and fierce and there were a lot of them. More then 1/2 the group didn’t make it out, some were visibly torn apart, others were dragged away or simply couldn’t be taken account for. The heroes discussed the likelihood that those left inside were alive, not all agreeing with each other. Davoi seemed to be positive that everyone was dead, but he was also very apparently terrified and looking out for himself. There were 2 guards who claimed that they for sure know not everyone was killed in teh attack, and despite several hours having passed that those inside could possibly still be alive. The party then considered bringing everyone back to hope and coming back to get those left inside, but it was decided that they would almost definitely not make it that long without dying.

We ended the session As the party realized a large pile of rocks outside were actually man sized eggs, and when one of the explorers pointed out that this darkly dressed tall woman next to the wounded was already on the asteroid when they got here…and that she somehow survived for at least a day inside the asteroid…so maybe there is hope.



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