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NPCs Are Weird & Cave People, Tenth Session

The tenth session began with the party talking to The Weird Man. They had just met him and were trying to get his attention. Finally one of the party members walked up directly beside him and peered at what he was doing while saying hi. He mostly just listened to Aku & Nievatash as they explained what they were doing here, while asking what he was doing here as well. It was around then that he noticed Kazon Mueteres & Celeste, 2 people witch he had summoned there weeks before in an attempt to summon undead creatures. They both mentioned that this was the guy that summoned them, and that he was crazy & not to be trusted…and then disappeared. It turned out that the Weird Man had teleported them away apparently, claiming to have sent them back to where they originally came from. Momentarily after their new party members disappearance another person appeared.

In Celestes place appeared a dark looking Tiefling Warlock. Seeming to take the whole sudden transportation extremely well (a little too creepily well actually…) he proceeded to introduce himself as Aminon and asked what was going on here. Nievatash explained briefly who they were and asked who he was and after a short introduction from each other the focus went back to The Weird man. They were attempting to find out exactly what he was doing here, and while he wasn’t being secretive he was giving answers that were short and hard to understand. He seemed to just be existing, experimenting. He claimed that he had done this for a very long time, that he was above the concerns of everyone else, that this was what they would call his kingdom, that he was basically the ruler here…though he did nothing to claim that title, it is what they would refer to it as.

When talking about himself, answering the party’s questions, The Weird Man claimed to have nearly limitless power, at witch point Aku jokingly said he should summon a cute elven or halfling redhead here…to witch he did. A cute elven redhead appeared on the floor in front of Aku, dead as a doornail, looking like a young woman with no signs of ever having actually been alive, but apparently normal in all other ways. As everyone looked at the body the Weird Man said that he did Aku a favor and now gets one in return, witch he used to turn Akus hand into that of a lizard like creatures. Why he did it wasn’t clear to the party, and when pressed the humanoid only said that it was his favor and he would appreciate if Aku told him about the hand later before they left the asteroid. Aku didn’t seem to mind the hand too much and while he considered asking it to be turned back into normal eventually just decided to keep it, after all it seemed to perform fine and didn’t mess up anything else about his person.

Suddenly another person just appeared, this time a Goliath by the name of Keothi. He seemed only a little phased by his appearance here, but the Weird Man seemed fascinated, claiming that he did not summon Keothi. Walking forward he reached out and touched the Goliath, who found himself falling to his knees, tears leaking out of his wide staring face. This lasted for but a moment before it passed as quickly as it happened. The Weird Man claimed to have Experienced Goliath, possibly his whole life, and knew where he came from and why he was here. He mentioned a Lady, referenced her as a divinity, to with Keothi also mentioned somewhat. Here the odd creature said that it would give the Goliath a favor, since he lived threw the mans life, it was only fair. Keothi showed how kind he as, and perhaps intelligent, by saying the man should not do that again to anyone, and treat them with respect and dignity. He agreed to do so for a period of time.

Stepping back form Keothi and heading towards his workbench once again, The Weird Man was once again directly approached by Nievatash. The party began more directly asking if he was dangerous, if he would hurt the people of Hope if they came here. He seemed interested in people coming to the Lost Asteroid, saying that those he summons act much differently then a “normal” civilization. He very much wanted them to come and said so, Nievatash wanted to make sure nothing would happen to Vavilan Cromidore, because of their magical pact with him. In a slightly callous, bordering on evil, turn of events Nievatash didn’t seem to care at all about the obvious experimentation’s that the creature planed on doing to the pople, as long as he did it AFTER they finished their dealings with The Great Alchemist of Hope. Keothi & Aminon however did not like the sound of that at all, and seemed to be against bringing people here. Aminion tried to explain The Weird Man what he would need to do to be accepted by the people, how he could help them and be a kind patron and such…and while the creature listened it didn’t seem particularly interested in being some sort of kind guarding angel for the people of Hope. However it did want them there, agreed to the contract with Nievatash (though the party didn’t seem to see any magical binding of it) and offered them a small box to give to the people who would soon join his little world. Inside the box he explained was a tool that would help them build their kingdom, he also told the party that simply touching it would make them understand how to use it. The party briefly considered opening the box and looking at or using the tool, Aku making jokes about Pandora’s box. Then they left, heading back to their ship.

On the way down the mountainside they ran into Cyprus, an Eladrin Swordmage that claimed to be from a group of people to the west who live in caves. He claimed to be on his way up to visit the Weird Man and seemed very concerned by the fact they had just left there. He said the weird man was crazy, dangerous & evil. The party mentioned that they were going to go back to their ship and bring more people here, even though the new arrivals, Keothi & Aminon seemed to be trying to convince the group otherwise. Cyprus pleaded with the party to at least meet the other people here, the people in the caves before they left to bring more victims for the monster in the temple. They agreed.

The journey across 4 miles of the inside of the asteroid took longer then one would think, because of the mountains terrain, crossing the river and avoiding the forest in the middle of it all. Upon reaching the caves they noticed there were hundreds of them all over the inside of the asteroid here, and that around a few of them centered together was a stream of smoke, as well as the occasional makeshift piece of furniture, and a few pieces of very old furniture apparently drug up here from the ruins spotted in the forest earlier. Inside the party met a group of “survivors”

The group was quite diverse. A orc ranger who seemed oddly elven in how he kept himself and dressed. A Wilden sorcerer of some kind, a elderly human ex adventurer, a monastic shardmind, a feeble weak looking goliath girl, & a young foreign looking woman (asian & black mixed, but human). They all claimed to have been summoned here by the Weird Man some time in the past, years for all of them. Cruse, the Goliath Girl claimed to have been here for over a century, saying that she had tried to go against the creature in the temple several times & each time failed, being killed by it and reincarnated in a weaker body. Trish the roguish looking foreigner knew a great deal about the landscape here, having gone out to salvage things in the ruins quite often. Bordan, the old adventurer was somewhat of the leader here and had been there longer then anyone except for Cruse. He was calm and collected, being polite to the adventurers. Fornay Faust, the Wilden was his wife and was obviously crazed, she claimed to have been wounded by The Weird Man any time she went out the cave, and was terrified of the party, as well as accusatory of Trish for spending so much time outside. Ro, the shardmind was a monk & stated his dislike of The Weird Mans methods, but understood his wanting to explore and experiment on the universe. That left Orc, the Orc ranger…he was a odd one, carried himself like a elf, and even spoke in ways that seemed elvish. He spent more time outside then anyone, even Trish.

The party attempted to learn what they could of these people, mostly learning about the people themselves but also trying to find out as much as they could about this asteroid and the weird man. Everyone seemed to think The Weird Man was invincible, or at least nearly so. They saw no point in going against him, and promised to do anything they could to be brought off this place in the adventurers ship. Nievatash explained that they were planning on bringing more people here, and the people in the caves were shocked. They couldn’t believe someone would bring more people here, this land they said was cursed, ruled by the crazed thing in the temple. Cyprus, Keothi & Aminon all seemed to instead want to either get this people off or maybe even go up against The Weird Man. Someone mentioned a dragon that lived in the caves & one of the party members suggested maybe they should talk to it, see if it could help time. But it seemed that the dragon was summoned as well, and much much worse had come & gone before it.

Confused & not sure what to do…but knowing dozens if not a hundred lives depended on their choices, the party, with it’s new & old members alike continued to talk and try to figure out just what the future of these cave people & the people of Hope would be…



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