Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Severe Shrubbery & Glittering Waters, Ninth Session

The ninth session began with the group trying to decide how they were going to proceed into the asteroid. It turned out that Kazon knew a way inside, and it was nearby. Though the party figured there might be other ways in, they in the end saw no reason to use a different approach, since Kazon didn’t remember anything dangerous on his way out. After a brief flight of a few minutes to the cave, they settled outside and walked into the dim light.

Once inside they walked quite a ways, winding up and down, back and forth inside the tunnels, until they got to a larger opening with some odd vines all over the place. The vines were thick, and seemed to be a mix of different types of vegetation. However some of the larger vines that seemed to grow practically everywhere looked to be of the same type as each other, and there was lots of reasons to believe that they might even all be from the same plant.

Sensing a odd presence in the area, filled with malice and hate, Nievatash urged the party to move on, at witch point they headed out of the small cave and deeper into the asteroid…or would have if they were not that moment attacked. The things that attacked the party were none other then several of the large “bushes” that they had seen in the room. Though the shrubs possessed no mouths, or ability to communicate, they viciously attacked the group, some bursting into flames at a touch, others jabbing out with pointy dagger sharp leaves, and a pair of them even trying to drag limbs into the deep whirling and grinding saw like blades inside the bush. The battle was short if somewhat horrifying in oddity, and in the sense of cloying powerful hate emanating not only from the bushes but from all the plant life in the area. Having not found any way to communicate with their attackers, and still sensing a “presence” and malice in the air, they went into the continuing caves, leaving the plant infested area to be dealt with on their return…if they had to.

The tunnels continued for a hour or 2 more before they finally reached the fully open inside of the asteroid. As they breached the close walls they found themselves on top of what could only be called a mountain on the inside side of the asteroid (think a hollowed out eggshell). Looking down over the lands they saw to the west another mountainous range, filled with caves. in the center, and to their north, they saw a lush forest…with some sort of odd almost completely hidden buildings inside…though no motion. To the east they saw more mountains, as well as a large black stone temple that extended out from the side on a long pillar, smoke poured out from it as if it was in use. Separating the east from the west was also a long river, falling from the ceiling of the asteroids north in a great waterfall, and dissipating in the south just as mysteriously. Under the waterfall there was a large lake as well.

Deciding to make their way for the only place that had signs of life, the temple, they headed down the mountain, deciding not to go in the forest, and hit the river to be crossed. While not deep the rivers waters ran fast, and it was over a hundred feet wide, making crossing it something that had to be done carefully. The “beaches” of the river were covered with a thin white sand, and inside the water they found the bottom to be similarly thick with the muddy white paste like substance that covered the more normal layers of mud and rock underneath. As they crossed Sariel and Aku noticed something in the water…small little pebbles of various colors. Investigating them further they realized they were gemstones! Small CUT gemstones. These were the sort of stones that were cut to display in jewelry…and the rivers white silt seemed to contain hundreds of them. The group managed to pick up several dozen on their way crossing the river, and talked once on the other side about what this could possibly mean…as well as what it could possibly be worth.

However about now is when Aku and Ferider found several tracks of some sort of large creature and decided that it would be best for them all to continue their conversation during the rest of their trip to the temple. The journey to the temple took most of the rest of the day and nothing else of interest happened.

At the temple they saw that it was held out on a pier of stone that went out hundreds of meters from the side of the mountain. The temple itself was made of a solid black stone, and while not decorated artistically, it was laid out much in the way of a Greek temple, with some sections of it being wall less with simple pillars holding up a ceiling, and other sections being enclosed rooms. It took them only a few minutes of walking threw the open areas, with nothing of note being seen, before they came onto the edge of a great opening to the outside overlooking all of the asteroids interior, as well as a man.

The man ignored them as they stood there, waiting to be acknowledge until finally someone spoke up. Kazon and Chantele mentioned that this was the crazy old man they both had met and were supposedly summoned by…He was humanoid, 8 feet tall, and oddly skinned. His body had far more appendages then it should have, tails and horns, arms, but when ever anyone tried to follow or focus on any specific aspect of him it hurt their eyes and their minds…causing them to lose track of what they were doing. He was an obviously magical creature, in some sense, and there was some great illusion or power that effected his form.

We ended here, where they had not yet begun to talk with the weird man but had met him. It has been quite a while since we played due to various things (some unfortunate situations with me, as well as the holidays)



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