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Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home, Eleventh Session

Our Eleventh Session started with the players continuing to try & decide exactly what they were going to do about this whole situation. More specifically they were trying to decide if they should fight The Weird Man, possibly attempting to do so by coercing a local dragon into helping, or if they should leave the asteroid. There was also the larger question of if they were going to bring the people of hope here, but for the most part that was put off until later to decide. The people from the caves themselves were excited about the idea of leaving, and a bit terrified about the concept of the people they were going to join would possibly end up right back here. However regardless of that most of them decided to leave with the party, excluding the Orc & the Shard Mind, both of who were fairly content living where they were at the moment, The Orc seemingly in a reverse universe of his own, and the Shard Mind having a personal curiosity of the Weird Man.

The party decided they would head back to Hope to think about things, and bring up The Weird Man to the people. Before they headed off though they were going to try and get some more gems from the river to the east, near the temple.

Heading off, as they passed the central forest of the asteroid Trish said she was going to run inside and get a few things she always wanted to bring but wasn’t allowed to. Aminon was worried about how safe the girl would be and tried to say one of the party should go with her, however she refused, saying that they would just slow her down and make it more dangerous for her, as she was quite used and proficient in sneaking around in the ruins. Aminon tried once more to convince her to bring someone, maybe the old adventurer Bordan, but the man refused and said Trish could handle herself.

Shortly after, at the river most of the party started collecting the small gems that float around in the silt of the water, but a scant few minutes into their scavenging operation something was sensed in the water coming towards them and they all leaped out, backing away. A large lizard like creature that seemed to be partially made out of water, as if some sort of elemental lizard, came out of the water. The thing, the size of a horse, was apparently quite dangerous, but not directly hostile. After staring at it for a moment they all heard a voice in their head, and the thing began to communicate with them. If what it said is to be believed it is one of many Guardians created by the old dead race of this asteroid. It and all those like it were created to protect the race, and their works of art, including the gems in the river that came from the thousands of pieces inside their city. The creature hinted at their being two sets of ruins, one underwater and one in the forest. It also implied that the race was destroyed by a Plague bearing figure that was hinted at being The Weird Man. The group tried to see if they could convince the creatures to let them take the gems, Aminon went as far to nearly convince the creatures that they no longer had to do their job as the race no longer existed, however he wasn’t able to actually lift the enchantment off the creatures, witch was a integral aspect of their existence. Realizing that there was nothing to be gained from pursuing this further, and worried that if they fought the creature more might show up before they could harvest a substantial amount of gems, they simply left, heading back to the ship.

The party met back up with Trish at the foothills of the mountains leading up to the cave exit, and trailing behind her was a follower. The creature, at first thought to possibly be hostile by everyone else, was in fact a dryad, a sick looking one at that. Trish explained that her and she had noticed each other on her way out of the ruins with her prize. The Dryad approached the young woman, explaining her plight. She was the last of her family, a large group of dryads that suddenly appeared here one day. They slowly died away, sickened and malnourished because of the lack of deep soil for their roots to extract essence from. She said she could sense that they were on a small rock in the middle of a cold void, and she didn’t want to die like her family, rotting away into a stump of sickened and diseased wood. Trish had told the creature that they were planning on leaving and she could follow them, the party agreed and they finally headed back to the ship.

Once on the ship everyone was quite sick to set off. Worries abounded among their new crew and the party themselves. If the Weird Man could summon anyone from anywhere, even other universes, what was to stop him from simply dragging them back. Bordan and several of the other Cave people were insistent that they had never met anyone who had been summoned “back” by the monstrous experimenter. The group was not quite convinced of their safety though, and pushed the thoughts into the back of their heads. Feredir, Sariel & Grazel Kinz introduced themselves to everyone, though the eladrin and elf quickly went back to their job. Grazel & Aku went back to their normal actions and perversities, annoying the hell out of Aminon.

Only two more things of note happened during the session. Trish showed the object she had taken from the ruins that was so important to her. A odd black stone (obsidian?) figure taken from a temple, it represented some death or doom like figure known as The Plague by the old civilization there. Bordan seemed very unhappy about this, the Cave Peoples rules included not disturbing the temples, however Trish pointed out that she wasn’t just part of their group anymore and he wasn’t the boss now. Aminon tried to convince Trish to give him the statue, going as far as saying it was dangerous…she reluctantly agreed to let him see if it was magical but only if he swore to give it back to her. He tested it and found only a weak old magic around it, probably simply from being in a temple for so long, and then reluctantly gave it back to the girl.

Finally the dryad did not fare well on the trip, and shortly after launching into space, within 2 days, died…turning to ash in the arms of a weeping Trish. Several of the group stood around the young girl as the Dryad gave her last words to them all, thanking them for their attempt at helping her. Left in the pile of ash was a perfectly clear amber heart. Trish held onto the warm gem, and most of those around the scene were horrified when Aminon tried to convince the grieving woman to give him the heart.

So that was the end of the session, bad PCs! I create a whole small world with at least 2 dozen plot hooks and encounters, and they just leave! Oh well, that’s what happens with a open world campaign! :) At least everyone but Cyprus/Bake showed up.



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