Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Partying & Pirate Confrontation, Fourth Session

The fourth session started off a bit oddly as we went back prior to the start of combat in the end of the 3rd session and redid the week leading up to the building and launching of their new ship. We went into further detail about the various things that happened, such as Varn working on the ship all hours of the night & getting help form many of the players as their memories were begining to come back, as well as using much of the Explorers Guild’s past records from rocket making for colony transferance.

On the day of the launch everyone in Hope was around the newly constructed ship, except for Varn who was supposedly passed out in some little alcove taking a nap. The Astronomers guild was there, going about their business, many trying to peddle wares, make deals, and take advantage of the high hopes and exhilaration going around the town. Several of the guild were more focused on the ship and the adventures, sulking with each other, watching…waiting, wondering if the people that promised them the enemy Galleon would deliver. Members of the explorers guild, most of the town guards, and Pinak, lazily sitting on a porch watching the the festival with the dazed look of a old man. The people themselves were friendly, congratulating the successful completion of the ship, giving well wishes, and some fruitlessly begging to be brought along.

Finally after the pleasantry and basking in the attention of a whole town the group headed up onto the ship only to notice the goblins coming into Hope in the distance. They came in a large mass outnumbering the towns people, but were simply there to see off their boss Grazel Kinz, and to mingle with the humans, rare was it that the goblins visited Hope in large numbers, and this particularly large amount no one could ever remember having happened. With the best wishes from everyone, human and/or goblin, the crew set up onto their ship, the newly named Aspirant while Aku playfully flirted with several females, including one of the more interesting looking goblins ones. Off into the sky they went, now carrying the Astronomers Guild guards and the goblins, both to help with the upcoming pirate boarding attempt.

They rose without problems, to the cheers and hollers of those on the surface, leaping into the darkness of space that this little asteroid was floating threw so peacefully. Within minutes they found their adversaries and boldly approached, preparing several crates to give cover…ready to assault, and then battle was upon them.

The battle was fierce but the pirates were outnumbered, less then 10 crewed the top of the deck and were quickly taken down, though they slew one of the Astronomers Guild guards in the process, and 3 of Grazel Kinzs goblin minions. Before the adventures could decide where specifically to head next on the ship 4 more guards attacked, putting up a bit more of a fight then the previous ones, but were also all slain except apart from one who was taken alive. After questioning the dying woman they considered helping her but had little success with basic first aid, and before Nievatash could regain any of his healing abilities she died, though not without being of some use as she told them that the pirates where there to get some cargo the party was apparently in possession of. The soon to be dead pirate also mentioned and that the captain was in the forecastle of the ship.

The crewman having told the truth they found the captain inside the tip of the ship. He wished to exchange taunts and words with the party but Vulcan quickly rose to threats, causing Pirate Captain Rodregez to kick them back, and proceed to attack them flamboyantly. During the assault Inferno Magus Jan joined Rodregez, while a decrepit burnt out looking psionicst ran around trying to get out of danger. The battle was fierce and short, with the Pirate Captain nearly felling Sariel, but in the end failing to do so. A burst of concentrated firepower brought down the large and loud Captain, who nearly slain surrendered, despite Jans annoyance giving up so easily.

Though the Burning Magus was hardly touched, Rodregez had been brought low and proceeded to haughtily answer the parties questions. He spoke of being a privateer for one of the large kingdoms in the inner zones of fracture. Despite that he knew not what they were looking for he knew it was a important and powerful piece of cargo. He confessed exactly who it was he was working for and where they are located, however both pieces of information mean next to nothing to the players until they can find directions, perhaps with a bit of research. He inquired about what they would do with him, pridefully not asking in any specific manner to be left alive. The party thought for a while of leaving them on an asteroid, but realized that would be the same (if not worse) then killing the 2 so decided to instead let the people of Hope deal with the scalawags. The burnt out psionicst was a special case, he claimed to simply be a power source to make the ship fly hired out by the kingdom who provides for Rodregez and the crews privateer status, and the spell caster begged to be let go since he had never hurt anyone or profited off of the Pirates actions. The party felt sympathetic for the wretched looking man and agreed.

Having played quite a bit longer then we usualy do, and everyone showing up on time, we decided to call it a night. Sadly our next session is/was delayed for 2 weeks due to the DM being out of town



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