Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Onwards Into the Maelstrom Matey! Twelfth Session

In our twelfth session the party finally sets off completely away from the “starting area” that is Hope & the crash site they woke up in.

We began with a recap of last session, as well as reminding Aminon of just how callous and selfish his character had came out being so far! Oh and chastising them all once again for ignoring my Lost Asteroid world /sniff. However ever that brief berating we hoped right into reminding everyone that there is a barrel of harpy poop on the ship, and that Grazel had painted his face and nearly his harem with the white paint. The party also had a more in depth conversation with the people from the cave, Bordan, Cruse, Fornay Faust & Trish. All of them except Trish were quite happy about joining Hope, especially as they had realized now that it seemed the adventurers were going to suggest that the new group they were joining not go to the asteroid they had finally managed to escape from.

Upon setting down on Law, in Hope at their usual landing site, the three who were getting off thanked the party and gave them what little they could to show their appreciation. Bordan & Forany, the Wilden now looking far more drained and old yet peaceful, gave a collection of books that held most of the rituals & spells they had accumulated in their old adventuring days. Cruse gave the party her backpack, witch held what remained of her previous forms equipment. Trish however wanted to stay with the party, and they agreed. Being a small nimble young woman she promised she could function quite well as a scout if they ever needed her to in the towns they were bound to pass threw. The party said their appreciation of the show of appreciation of the cave people and that was that.

Next our group set off to visit the Explorers guild to inform them of what they had found, eager to get the job officially finished and off this rock, as nice and friendly as everything was here. At the guild they found Horun, the person they originally met at the crash site and who had helped them so much in the town, especially in his friendly introduction and the help he provided them in finding out where they needed to go to do what. Horun said they should go to the astronomers guild to finalize things, and brought the party to see Elnro, who though busy could spare a few moments to deal with the people who had given Hope their own space faring vessel (the galleon). Elnro thanked the party for everything they had done, seemingly somewhat sincere and listened to what was found on the Lost Asteroid. At first he seemed to be trying very hard to think of various reasons why The Weird Man might be able to be trusted. He then asked the party if they thought they could deal away with him, but that was a obvious no. Finally him and Horun both seemed to agree that while as nice as the asteroid sounded on the inside…it just wasn’t something they could risk, being at the whims of some crazy demigod like powered soulless experimenter after 1/2 a year.

Then we came to the box. The weird man had given the party a box to give to the people of Hope that would help them build their empire in their new home. When presented with the box Elnro seemed quite excited and curious about it, but was too busy with other things to actually look into it at the moment. There was a bit of confusion at this point by different party members as to if the people of Hope were supposed to keep the box if they DIDN’T agree to come to the asteroid. However there was no reason to believe that the adventurers themselves should keep the box either, so by default right it seemed that if they weren’t going to bring the box back, the people who it was originally intended for should keep it. The whole matter resolved, Elnro thanked the party once again for the great business the 2 groups had managed to have during their stay on Law, and left to go back to the council & it’s important work. On the way out Horun locked the door, and Aku tried to fib that he dropped something back in the room…planning on taking the box, but Horun seemed to see threw the guise and assured aku that he in fact hadn’t dropped anything. Horun also thanked the party and left to go back to his own job.

Here the party split up a bit, with Keothi & Aminon going about their own explorations for a short time, while aAku & Nievatash headed to go check on their old “friend” Halifor, the burnt out psionicist. The only survivor from the pirate issue, Halifor seemed to be doing quite well, looking more relaxed, rested, and apparently having been given a rather nice amount of “loot” from the ship he was once on by the people of the Astronomers guild in payment of his cooperation with trying to teach them how to use the ship. While the players mostly questioned him about how he was being treated, they also talked a bit about where he came from, asking more about it, and trying to figure out what they should do for money. It seemed that several of the houses inside a few of the different kingdoms knew of the artifact, and that they would probably continue to send people to get it, some by force, some sneaky, and some would even be willing to pay for it. It was agreed upon by most of the group that they would go to the inner kingdoms, the ones in the core, and possibly start a trade as pirates…though Halifor warned them of actual pirates and privateers. Saying goodbye to the extremely helpful man, after he gave them a more in depth map of Fracture, they headed to their ship…ready to leave once and for all.

Their final liftoff from the asteroid had only a few gawkers, the constant coming and going in the past few weeks having numbed the people to the event. As they began their trip inward away from the outer rings of The Crystal Sphere, Fracture their pilot, Sariel, noted that there was a large magical beacon coming from far far out of fracture, towards where the walls of the crystal sphere would be. The party quickly jumped into discussion of wither they should try to hide from this source, approach it, attack it, prepare for combat or the like. In the end the group decided to treat them as a friendly source, after all the ship was moving far faster then their own could…directly at them, and it was broadcasting a obvious signal that made it apparent it was in no way trying to be stealthy. The ship took only a few hours to get to them and appeared like their old ship to be constructed to resemble an aquatic animal, this one a hammerhead shark.

On the ship they met the Arcane, one of Spelljammers Iconic Races, famous & mysterious traders of space. Giant and blue they were quite a site to see, walking around on a ship that seemed substantially too small for them. Towering in at 7 to 9 feet, there were smaller creatures, averaging around 6 feet, in heavy robes that also worked the decks, doing various jobs that were required to keep the ship moving. Being quite peaceful, the Arcane latched their ship onto the party’s and their leader Kal-Nal. He was a humanoid with a deep tone to his voice, but calm and emotionless, as their race is known for being. He seemed to be aware of the Artifact they were carrying, as well as of some information regarding it. Such as that it was not theirs, that they were in the process of bringing it to someone who had recently bought it from someone else, and that the party was just couriers for the object. He answered a few questions but knew very little other then generally who it was going to, a powerful lord working on a fleet of ships, and that many many people knew about it, because it was a artifact destined to be put into a artifurnace, a spelljamming “drive” that took it’s power from the artifact put into it.

Kal-Nal wanted to see the object, but promised to not actually touch it, the party agreed. Bringing the giant bellow decks, to the storage bay they let him show himself the object, all of them too worried to actually go near the box, much less open it. As he opened it the sense of power and unease that was always around the crate grew to such an extent that everyone in the room except the Arcane fell to their knees. Their guest simply stared into the box for a while, and then closed it, thanking them for such an amazing opportunity. As they walked back up deck Aminon asked how much they were willing to pay for the object, but Kal-Nal reminded them that it wasn’t theirs to sell, and that he wouldn’t be interested in buying it even if it was…after all he couldn’t afford something as nearly priceless as it was.

We ended the session with the Kal-Nal telling the party that as payment for their kindness he would give them a 20% discount on anything he had for sell (witch is basically anything they want).



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