Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Looting The Dead, In A Sense, Thirteenth Session

The 13th session i was sure would end in some combat, boy do i underestimate some of our party members. The game started off with a new person joining who instantly quit not having realized this was a sandbox game…so that was a good sign for the session right? The party had at the end of last session finally set off and met an Arcane, showed him the artifact, learned a bit about what they were doing with it, bought some times off him, and now left. Having left they were heading towards the central kingdoms of The Crystal Sphere, Fracture, or at least to the larger empires that existed in the actual ring of asteroids that most of the “world” here was made up of.

Several days into their quiet journey threw space, but still over a week away from anything on the map, they came across a floating derelict ship in space. The ship appeared to be circular and made of primarily metal. The outsides were studded with tiny rods all over, most of witch seemed to crackle and glow with energy, but several were broken. Apparently the ship had been out in space for quit a long time, at least a decade, probably longer, one of the reasons they could tell was because of the many small various impacts all over the sphere shaped ship that pock marked its surface. As they spent more time, no need to be hasty, overlooking the hull of the ship they noticed that there was a small door like entrance in one part, as if it was supposed to be docked and that’s how people would get inside…they also noticed a roughly 20×20 size portion of the 150 foot diameter ship that was open to space, revealing a burnt room that had been exposed to space…

“Docking” with the sphere, they entered it threw means of the exposed room, noting the books and scrolls still on the shelves, the tattered rags of a rug fluttering in the wind of space, and how everything was slightly burnt. Inside the ship itself it appeared to be some sort of research vessel. They found 8 rooms with as many beds, amenities for people to last a long time with no “refueling” and…corpses, a few dead people in the beds who had died of unknown reasons. The party also found a room filled with fungus and smelling of death, right by another room that had odd rock samples, north of a room that was stacked full of half used materials of all sorts, from clothing to wood to old rations. The most interesting aspect of the vessel they had found so far though was in the far northern end, where a bench was sat up in front of a portal that seemed to function as a view screen to the outside…making the wall it was placed on invisible. All around there were materials for magical & scientific experimentation, as well as rows and rows of books and papers on various researched materials, all stacked in 3 different large bookshelves.

As they cracked open the various locked doors they realized that one of the locked doors, leading to a very large room in the center of the ship, was sealed magically. Aku couldn’t figure out how to open it & Aminon & Cyprus both said it was magical in nature and needed something specific to happen to open it, then it would be as simple and just pushing it forward. On a hunch Cyprus did just that…and the door opened for him.

Inside of the room was a bloody mess. The large area, covering a good 1/4th of the ship, was a place for experimenting. Beakers littered the floors and tables, several cauldrons filled with old still rotten smelling liquids lined the floor. To the left in the room was a table covered in gore, with a ghoul standing at it, pawing and tugging at the old dessicated meat it held in it’s hand. A wight stood by a cauldron on the other side…simply staring into the goo as if thinking of something else delicious. But most oddly and interestingly was in the center of the room…a large bed, over a pentagram still glowing with power, a skeleton stood, still in the wedding gown like dress of a woman. The creatures bones glowed with a black power, and in her hand she held a staff of black twisted wood.

The female skeleton ended up being something like a lich & was named Arieal. Keothi instantly wanted to attack her but Aku & Nievatash held him back, instead wanting to talk to the creature…this would be a reoccurring theme for the entire rest of the session. Arieal they found was very open to talking…and explained a lot about her plight there. How she was looking for her husband Slosh. It seems that many years ago her and her husband were both living, both spell casters of some worth, both dealing with necromancy. He had made a ritual that would turn them immortal and so they cast it on Arieal with…less then desired effects. While the spell was supposed to turn her into a undead with no need to eat or sleep, it ended up stripping her flesh from her bones, keeping her sentient, but driving her mind somewhat crazy. Slosh & her continued to stay together and work on trying to perfect the ritual but eventually he got scared of her and disappeared, now he hides in the ship somewhere.

The party, not sure what to do with this whole situation continued to ask about the ship, the couple, where they came from and so on. It turns out both of them, and everyone who was on the ship, were from a noble house called Vokarius in one of the kingdoms closer to the center of The Crystal Sphere, Fracture. They were part of a vampire worshiping cult, and their Mistress had attempted to overthrow the house and failed, in the process getting herself killed. At this point her 2nd in commands, Slosh & Arieal, stole the newly made ship of the house and launched into space with their coven. Things didn’t go too well, as the coven slowly grew uncomfortable with their pointless wandering. Sometime after that the majority of the coven were converted into undead, willingly, by Slosh & Arieal, and those who weren’t willing to be converted either were killed or died by their own hands.

Arieal wanted her husband brought to her, she wanted him to be hers once more, to force him to undergo the ritual himself to join her in her immortality, and was willing to do anything she could for the party if they would help her in this. The party (Aku & Nievatash at least) decided to help her, or at very least find her husband and talk to him themselves. Leaving the crazed lich like person they searched around the ship, having a vague idea where Slosh was because of Arieal saying where she “felt him”, she also tipped them off that he wore a ring that kept him invisible. The party tried various tricks to find him, using magical items and so on, but eventually just ended up cornering him half by luck and half from Keothis tracking skills, in a room by himself.

Slosh was annoyed at having been found, but was quite open with the adventurers about his view of how everything had happened. He confirmed and agreed with nearly all of their past in the coven and it turns out was only hiding from his wife because he was worried she would force him to be turned into the monster she was…and he wanted to perfect the ritual first before he did that. He still loved her, still wanted to be with her, and was nearly as immortal as her because of the ring he had on that turned him invisible, provided him no need to eat, and slowed his aging. He was having a hard time doing research with having to hide constantly though…and needed bodies, fresh or dead to help him. Here he tried to get the party to agree to work with him, promising that he would also provide them with anything possible.

This is where the session ended, Cyprus ended up quitting for no real specific reason other then that he was constantly afk, Dezra didn’t show up this or next session (and then said he was quitting cause of school) and Keothi ended up quitting at the start of next session because of the parties seemingly Chaotic bend. Our next “session” was less a session and more just getting together to finish the decision making they were currently at with Slosh & Arieal. Aku & Nievatash, now the only members of the party, decided on either leaving the two of the undead, or trying to help them to get a reward out of it, but seemed to be pretty against killing them, citing the twos stated desire to just stay together forever in their floating tomb peacefully as them “not being dangerous”, not feeling any responsibility to punish them for their crimes in the past.

However…upon reminding them that all the trade goods in the ship would probably be worth around 5kg, and that the necromancers ring would almost defiantly be worth at least 10kg, they started considering helping Slosh get his bodies, figuring they didn’t have to KILL anyone to get them, and then as he performed the ritual on either himself or “fixing” his wife, they would ambush him, kill him, kill her, clear the ship, and then make off with a hefty sum of over a dozen kg worth of goods. They didn’t actually decide though…

At this point the party, witch was supposed to be 6 people, is down to 2 & I’m having a hard time getting responses from new recruits…



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