Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

Giant Space Harpy, Sixth & Seventh Session

Giant Space Harpy, Asteroid, Ferrying

Since session six and seven were mostly combat oriented the summery for both is very short, i therefore included them in a single post.

The sixth session started off with the party members reviewing what had happened in the end of the fifth, mostly re-clarifying that they were going inside the tunnel with the hopes of finding people alive, while Davoi Smith and the crew got onto the Aspirant. One of the guards decided to go with the players but the rest stayed on the ship, as well as Feredir (since he was not there that session and) because he was long range and could spot and pick off any possible dangers from a distance.

Inside the cave the adventurers found more of the large eggs, and a small clutch of baby harpies. The babies were a little smaller then humans, but were extremely thin and their flesh was nearly see threw. Sleeping beside the mewing blind babies were some “adult” space harpies, being fully formed and feathered. Two corpses were on the floor of the small room, one torn apart another dead from blood loss. A third body ended up being a woman who was still alive. Nievatash woke the person up and told them to flee, making sure to keep her quiet as, her last moments prior having been being attacked by the harpies were in stark terror. The group then snuck past the monstrous humanoids, the young bird-girls hissing at their presence but doing little else.

Going deeper into the small asteroid they passed another room, this one filled with even younger harpies. These were the size of children, nestled in large nests, and were completely unaware of their surroundings. Two more corpses were in this room, and yet again one of them turned out to be someone still alive, a man this time, wounded but alive. Here the guard that had came into the cave with them decided to leave, helping the survior out (having been worried that he might flip out and wake the others on his way out).

During their investigation of the second room and while dealing with the only other survivor found, Sariel snuck off further into the cave…and found himself stareing into the large central den of a Giant Space Harpy. The Giant Space Harpy was over 20 feet tall and obviously an ancient creature. Her wings, when unfurled, would have been wide enough when to reach each end of the 20×20 room. Her individual feathers were the size of broadswords, and as hard as iron. The beasts face was that of a old woman, her entire body pockmarked and lined with cracks from her many voyages into the space around the asteroid lair. Sariel managed to slip away before he was noticed…but not before Aku noticed him in front of the room and came towards him…he WAS noticed. The Giant Space Harpy threw down the meaty bits of some explorers insides she was munching on and with a scream that vibrated the entire asteroid the chase was on.

The chase involved them running out of the cave, escaping threw the short but not short enough hallways. As they ran down the dark halls the walls and floor began cracking apart due to the sonic power of the Giant Space Harpy, and the horrible force her rampaging body exerted on the rock. Side effects hindered our adventurers, as it opened up into dangerous cracks and spewed out sudden gout’s of fire and hot steam. The going was dangerous, as Aku was caught by the giant feathered woman during the surprises round and Celeste was forced to try and help him. They slowly made their way out, dodging waves of fire, leaping over crevices and occasionally throwing spells or swinging blows at the enraged seemingly invincible monster.

Nearing the exit of the cave they noticed that the adult harpies were no longer sleeping, indeed they were no longer there at all, and most of the babies were gone as well. Sariel screamed out at Grazel to be ready to explode the powder he had suggested the goblin set up to cut off the cave mouth. Niev escaped first, then Sariel then Aku. Finally at the last moment Celeste leaped out of the cave and the 2 kegs of goblin blast powder exploded, bringing down the cave on top of the Giant Space Harpy. The group quickly found they were not out of the fire yet, as it seemed this is where the missing harpies had fled to. There was a brief short battle with the remaining monsters, driving off the few they didn’t slay, and then they left as soon as possible.

The wounded now bellow deck & Sariel pushing the spelljammer throne as hard as it would go, they sped away from the asteroid, taking a short breather before a large explosion behind them got their attention. From the site of a freshly made hole burst forth a dusty and wounded Giant Space Harpy…intent of catching and eating the heroes. So ended the sixth session.

The Seventh Session started directly after we left off in the sixth.

As they flew away from the Giant Space Harpy, it became apparent that the Aspirant just wasn’t fast enough to get away from the space worthy 20 foot tall feathery monster bitch. Manning the ships weapons for the first time, 2 ballistas and a catapult, they began firing shots towards their pursuer, wounding her slightly with each hit despite her amazing resilience. These were weapons designed to strike other ships after all. Even such massive wounds seemed to only be barely noticeable to her however…and she had brought friends. Leaping off of their mother, several adult harpies began flying towards the party, making good time after a boost from their parent in the form of a helpful push. The group began switching up targets, sometimes firing at the Mother and sometimes at the young space harpies. They took out several of the creatures with the overly powerful weapons but eventually some got threw and reached the Aspirant.

At almost the same time as the Harpies landed on the deck, there was a commotion inside the ship of screaming baby harpies! Shortly after noticing the sound, a small flock of the babies ran out, as blind as ever they screamed wildly and pecked at anything they ran into, along with them also came 2 heavily wounded but none the less dangerous adults. The party wasn’t sure how these things managed to get inside…but a sneaking suspicion had them thinking it was probably the blasted explorers fault somehow. The battle was intense, and brutal. There were moments where it seemed the harpies may overwhelm them, especially since the Giant Space Harpy was suddenly closing the distance much faster then earlier. Launching out flaming balls of phlegm at the siege weapons the flying giant was getting even more dangerous then before, threatening to destroy the heroes only means of fighting her off.

In the end our party triumphed! Slaying the remaining harpies on deck and putting out the fires, at seemingly the final moment where victory was possible, they drove off the Mother with concentrated fire from all 3 still functioning, though heavily damaged, ship vs Giant Space Harpy weapons. Exhausted and wounded we ended the session there, as they sat on the deck, triumphant against a nearly invincible force of nature…or magic…or what ever it was that blasted creature was spawned from.



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