Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

:( Game Closed

Due to a mix of mostly players leaving because of either too much rp or because of the party’s neutral tendencies we have failed to manage to hold onto more then 2 players at a time and so after 3 months of trying to find replacements i have decided to close the campaign.

Looting The Dead, In A Sense, Thirteenth Session

The 13th session i was sure would end in some combat, boy do i underestimate some of our party members. The game started off with a new person joining who instantly quit not having realized this was a sandbox game…so that was a good sign for the session right? The party had at the end of last session finally set off and met an Arcane, showed him the artifact, learned a bit about what they were doing with it, bought some times off him, and now left. Having left they were heading towards the central kingdoms of The Crystal Sphere, Fracture, or at least to the larger empires that existed in the actual ring of asteroids that most of the “world” here was made up of.

Several days into their quiet journey threw space, but still over a week away from anything on the map, they came across a floating derelict ship in space. The ship appeared to be circular and made of primarily metal. The outsides were studded with tiny rods all over, most of witch seemed to crackle and glow with energy, but several were broken. Apparently the ship had been out in space for quit a long time, at least a decade, probably longer, one of the reasons they could tell was because of the many small various impacts all over the sphere shaped ship that pock marked its surface. As they spent more time, no need to be hasty, overlooking the hull of the ship they noticed that there was a small door like entrance in one part, as if it was supposed to be docked and that’s how people would get inside…they also noticed a roughly 20×20 size portion of the 150 foot diameter ship that was open to space, revealing a burnt room that had been exposed to space…

“Docking” with the sphere, they entered it threw means of the exposed room, noting the books and scrolls still on the shelves, the tattered rags of a rug fluttering in the wind of space, and how everything was slightly burnt. Inside the ship itself it appeared to be some sort of research vessel. They found 8 rooms with as many beds, amenities for people to last a long time with no “refueling” and…corpses, a few dead people in the beds who had died of unknown reasons. The party also found a room filled with fungus and smelling of death, right by another room that had odd rock samples, north of a room that was stacked full of half used materials of all sorts, from clothing to wood to old rations. The most interesting aspect of the vessel they had found so far though was in the far northern end, where a bench was sat up in front of a portal that seemed to function as a view screen to the outside…making the wall it was placed on invisible. All around there were materials for magical & scientific experimentation, as well as rows and rows of books and papers on various researched materials, all stacked in 3 different large bookshelves.

As they cracked open the various locked doors they realized that one of the locked doors, leading to a very large room in the center of the ship, was sealed magically. Aku couldn’t figure out how to open it & Aminon & Cyprus both said it was magical in nature and needed something specific to happen to open it, then it would be as simple and just pushing it forward. On a hunch Cyprus did just that…and the door opened for him.

Inside of the room was a bloody mess. The large area, covering a good 1/4th of the ship, was a place for experimenting. Beakers littered the floors and tables, several cauldrons filled with old still rotten smelling liquids lined the floor. To the left in the room was a table covered in gore, with a ghoul standing at it, pawing and tugging at the old dessicated meat it held in it’s hand. A wight stood by a cauldron on the other side…simply staring into the goo as if thinking of something else delicious. But most oddly and interestingly was in the center of the room…a large bed, over a pentagram still glowing with power, a skeleton stood, still in the wedding gown like dress of a woman. The creatures bones glowed with a black power, and in her hand she held a staff of black twisted wood.

The female skeleton ended up being something like a lich & was named Arieal. Keothi instantly wanted to attack her but Aku & Nievatash held him back, instead wanting to talk to the creature…this would be a reoccurring theme for the entire rest of the session. Arieal they found was very open to talking…and explained a lot about her plight there. How she was looking for her husband Slosh. It seems that many years ago her and her husband were both living, both spell casters of some worth, both dealing with necromancy. He had made a ritual that would turn them immortal and so they cast it on Arieal with…less then desired effects. While the spell was supposed to turn her into a undead with no need to eat or sleep, it ended up stripping her flesh from her bones, keeping her sentient, but driving her mind somewhat crazy. Slosh & her continued to stay together and work on trying to perfect the ritual but eventually he got scared of her and disappeared, now he hides in the ship somewhere.

The party, not sure what to do with this whole situation continued to ask about the ship, the couple, where they came from and so on. It turns out both of them, and everyone who was on the ship, were from a noble house called Vokarius in one of the kingdoms closer to the center of The Crystal Sphere, Fracture. They were part of a vampire worshiping cult, and their Mistress had attempted to overthrow the house and failed, in the process getting herself killed. At this point her 2nd in commands, Slosh & Arieal, stole the newly made ship of the house and launched into space with their coven. Things didn’t go too well, as the coven slowly grew uncomfortable with their pointless wandering. Sometime after that the majority of the coven were converted into undead, willingly, by Slosh & Arieal, and those who weren’t willing to be converted either were killed or died by their own hands.

Arieal wanted her husband brought to her, she wanted him to be hers once more, to force him to undergo the ritual himself to join her in her immortality, and was willing to do anything she could for the party if they would help her in this. The party (Aku & Nievatash at least) decided to help her, or at very least find her husband and talk to him themselves. Leaving the crazed lich like person they searched around the ship, having a vague idea where Slosh was because of Arieal saying where she “felt him”, she also tipped them off that he wore a ring that kept him invisible. The party tried various tricks to find him, using magical items and so on, but eventually just ended up cornering him half by luck and half from Keothis tracking skills, in a room by himself.

Slosh was annoyed at having been found, but was quite open with the adventurers about his view of how everything had happened. He confirmed and agreed with nearly all of their past in the coven and it turns out was only hiding from his wife because he was worried she would force him to be turned into the monster she was…and he wanted to perfect the ritual first before he did that. He still loved her, still wanted to be with her, and was nearly as immortal as her because of the ring he had on that turned him invisible, provided him no need to eat, and slowed his aging. He was having a hard time doing research with having to hide constantly though…and needed bodies, fresh or dead to help him. Here he tried to get the party to agree to work with him, promising that he would also provide them with anything possible.

This is where the session ended, Cyprus ended up quitting for no real specific reason other then that he was constantly afk, Dezra didn’t show up this or next session (and then said he was quitting cause of school) and Keothi ended up quitting at the start of next session because of the parties seemingly Chaotic bend. Our next “session” was less a session and more just getting together to finish the decision making they were currently at with Slosh & Arieal. Aku & Nievatash, now the only members of the party, decided on either leaving the two of the undead, or trying to help them to get a reward out of it, but seemed to be pretty against killing them, citing the twos stated desire to just stay together forever in their floating tomb peacefully as them “not being dangerous”, not feeling any responsibility to punish them for their crimes in the past.

However…upon reminding them that all the trade goods in the ship would probably be worth around 5kg, and that the necromancers ring would almost defiantly be worth at least 10kg, they started considering helping Slosh get his bodies, figuring they didn’t have to KILL anyone to get them, and then as he performed the ritual on either himself or “fixing” his wife, they would ambush him, kill him, kill her, clear the ship, and then make off with a hefty sum of over a dozen kg worth of goods. They didn’t actually decide though…

At this point the party, witch was supposed to be 6 people, is down to 2 & I’m having a hard time getting responses from new recruits…

Onwards Into the Maelstrom Matey! Twelfth Session

In our twelfth session the party finally sets off completely away from the “starting area” that is Hope & the crash site they woke up in.

We began with a recap of last session, as well as reminding Aminon of just how callous and selfish his character had came out being so far! Oh and chastising them all once again for ignoring my Lost Asteroid world /sniff. However ever that brief berating we hoped right into reminding everyone that there is a barrel of harpy poop on the ship, and that Grazel had painted his face and nearly his harem with the white paint. The party also had a more in depth conversation with the people from the cave, Bordan, Cruse, Fornay Faust & Trish. All of them except Trish were quite happy about joining Hope, especially as they had realized now that it seemed the adventurers were going to suggest that the new group they were joining not go to the asteroid they had finally managed to escape from.

Upon setting down on Law, in Hope at their usual landing site, the three who were getting off thanked the party and gave them what little they could to show their appreciation. Bordan & Forany, the Wilden now looking far more drained and old yet peaceful, gave a collection of books that held most of the rituals & spells they had accumulated in their old adventuring days. Cruse gave the party her backpack, witch held what remained of her previous forms equipment. Trish however wanted to stay with the party, and they agreed. Being a small nimble young woman she promised she could function quite well as a scout if they ever needed her to in the towns they were bound to pass threw. The party said their appreciation of the show of appreciation of the cave people and that was that.

Next our group set off to visit the Explorers guild to inform them of what they had found, eager to get the job officially finished and off this rock, as nice and friendly as everything was here. At the guild they found Horun, the person they originally met at the crash site and who had helped them so much in the town, especially in his friendly introduction and the help he provided them in finding out where they needed to go to do what. Horun said they should go to the astronomers guild to finalize things, and brought the party to see Elnro, who though busy could spare a few moments to deal with the people who had given Hope their own space faring vessel (the galleon). Elnro thanked the party for everything they had done, seemingly somewhat sincere and listened to what was found on the Lost Asteroid. At first he seemed to be trying very hard to think of various reasons why The Weird Man might be able to be trusted. He then asked the party if they thought they could deal away with him, but that was a obvious no. Finally him and Horun both seemed to agree that while as nice as the asteroid sounded on the inside…it just wasn’t something they could risk, being at the whims of some crazy demigod like powered soulless experimenter after 1/2 a year.

Then we came to the box. The weird man had given the party a box to give to the people of Hope that would help them build their empire in their new home. When presented with the box Elnro seemed quite excited and curious about it, but was too busy with other things to actually look into it at the moment. There was a bit of confusion at this point by different party members as to if the people of Hope were supposed to keep the box if they DIDN’T agree to come to the asteroid. However there was no reason to believe that the adventurers themselves should keep the box either, so by default right it seemed that if they weren’t going to bring the box back, the people who it was originally intended for should keep it. The whole matter resolved, Elnro thanked the party once again for the great business the 2 groups had managed to have during their stay on Law, and left to go back to the council & it’s important work. On the way out Horun locked the door, and Aku tried to fib that he dropped something back in the room…planning on taking the box, but Horun seemed to see threw the guise and assured aku that he in fact hadn’t dropped anything. Horun also thanked the party and left to go back to his own job.

Here the party split up a bit, with Keothi & Aminon going about their own explorations for a short time, while aAku & Nievatash headed to go check on their old “friend” Halifor, the burnt out psionicist. The only survivor from the pirate issue, Halifor seemed to be doing quite well, looking more relaxed, rested, and apparently having been given a rather nice amount of “loot” from the ship he was once on by the people of the Astronomers guild in payment of his cooperation with trying to teach them how to use the ship. While the players mostly questioned him about how he was being treated, they also talked a bit about where he came from, asking more about it, and trying to figure out what they should do for money. It seemed that several of the houses inside a few of the different kingdoms knew of the artifact, and that they would probably continue to send people to get it, some by force, some sneaky, and some would even be willing to pay for it. It was agreed upon by most of the group that they would go to the inner kingdoms, the ones in the core, and possibly start a trade as pirates…though Halifor warned them of actual pirates and privateers. Saying goodbye to the extremely helpful man, after he gave them a more in depth map of Fracture, they headed to their ship…ready to leave once and for all.

Their final liftoff from the asteroid had only a few gawkers, the constant coming and going in the past few weeks having numbed the people to the event. As they began their trip inward away from the outer rings of The Crystal Sphere, Fracture their pilot, Sariel, noted that there was a large magical beacon coming from far far out of fracture, towards where the walls of the crystal sphere would be. The party quickly jumped into discussion of wither they should try to hide from this source, approach it, attack it, prepare for combat or the like. In the end the group decided to treat them as a friendly source, after all the ship was moving far faster then their own could…directly at them, and it was broadcasting a obvious signal that made it apparent it was in no way trying to be stealthy. The ship took only a few hours to get to them and appeared like their old ship to be constructed to resemble an aquatic animal, this one a hammerhead shark.

On the ship they met the Arcane, one of Spelljammers Iconic Races, famous & mysterious traders of space. Giant and blue they were quite a site to see, walking around on a ship that seemed substantially too small for them. Towering in at 7 to 9 feet, there were smaller creatures, averaging around 6 feet, in heavy robes that also worked the decks, doing various jobs that were required to keep the ship moving. Being quite peaceful, the Arcane latched their ship onto the party’s and their leader Kal-Nal. He was a humanoid with a deep tone to his voice, but calm and emotionless, as their race is known for being. He seemed to be aware of the Artifact they were carrying, as well as of some information regarding it. Such as that it was not theirs, that they were in the process of bringing it to someone who had recently bought it from someone else, and that the party was just couriers for the object. He answered a few questions but knew very little other then generally who it was going to, a powerful lord working on a fleet of ships, and that many many people knew about it, because it was a artifact destined to be put into a artifurnace, a spelljamming “drive” that took it’s power from the artifact put into it.

Kal-Nal wanted to see the object, but promised to not actually touch it, the party agreed. Bringing the giant bellow decks, to the storage bay they let him show himself the object, all of them too worried to actually go near the box, much less open it. As he opened it the sense of power and unease that was always around the crate grew to such an extent that everyone in the room except the Arcane fell to their knees. Their guest simply stared into the box for a while, and then closed it, thanking them for such an amazing opportunity. As they walked back up deck Aminon asked how much they were willing to pay for the object, but Kal-Nal reminded them that it wasn’t theirs to sell, and that he wouldn’t be interested in buying it even if it was…after all he couldn’t afford something as nearly priceless as it was.

We ended the session with the Kal-Nal telling the party that as payment for their kindness he would give them a 20% discount on anything he had for sell (witch is basically anything they want).

Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home, Eleventh Session

Our Eleventh Session started with the players continuing to try & decide exactly what they were going to do about this whole situation. More specifically they were trying to decide if they should fight The Weird Man, possibly attempting to do so by coercing a local dragon into helping, or if they should leave the asteroid. There was also the larger question of if they were going to bring the people of hope here, but for the most part that was put off until later to decide. The people from the caves themselves were excited about the idea of leaving, and a bit terrified about the concept of the people they were going to join would possibly end up right back here. However regardless of that most of them decided to leave with the party, excluding the Orc & the Shard Mind, both of who were fairly content living where they were at the moment, The Orc seemingly in a reverse universe of his own, and the Shard Mind having a personal curiosity of the Weird Man.

The party decided they would head back to Hope to think about things, and bring up The Weird Man to the people. Before they headed off though they were going to try and get some more gems from the river to the east, near the temple.

Heading off, as they passed the central forest of the asteroid Trish said she was going to run inside and get a few things she always wanted to bring but wasn’t allowed to. Aminon was worried about how safe the girl would be and tried to say one of the party should go with her, however she refused, saying that they would just slow her down and make it more dangerous for her, as she was quite used and proficient in sneaking around in the ruins. Aminon tried once more to convince her to bring someone, maybe the old adventurer Bordan, but the man refused and said Trish could handle herself.

Shortly after, at the river most of the party started collecting the small gems that float around in the silt of the water, but a scant few minutes into their scavenging operation something was sensed in the water coming towards them and they all leaped out, backing away. A large lizard like creature that seemed to be partially made out of water, as if some sort of elemental lizard, came out of the water. The thing, the size of a horse, was apparently quite dangerous, but not directly hostile. After staring at it for a moment they all heard a voice in their head, and the thing began to communicate with them. If what it said is to be believed it is one of many Guardians created by the old dead race of this asteroid. It and all those like it were created to protect the race, and their works of art, including the gems in the river that came from the thousands of pieces inside their city. The creature hinted at their being two sets of ruins, one underwater and one in the forest. It also implied that the race was destroyed by a Plague bearing figure that was hinted at being The Weird Man. The group tried to see if they could convince the creatures to let them take the gems, Aminon went as far to nearly convince the creatures that they no longer had to do their job as the race no longer existed, however he wasn’t able to actually lift the enchantment off the creatures, witch was a integral aspect of their existence. Realizing that there was nothing to be gained from pursuing this further, and worried that if they fought the creature more might show up before they could harvest a substantial amount of gems, they simply left, heading back to the ship.

The party met back up with Trish at the foothills of the mountains leading up to the cave exit, and trailing behind her was a follower. The creature, at first thought to possibly be hostile by everyone else, was in fact a dryad, a sick looking one at that. Trish explained that her and she had noticed each other on her way out of the ruins with her prize. The Dryad approached the young woman, explaining her plight. She was the last of her family, a large group of dryads that suddenly appeared here one day. They slowly died away, sickened and malnourished because of the lack of deep soil for their roots to extract essence from. She said she could sense that they were on a small rock in the middle of a cold void, and she didn’t want to die like her family, rotting away into a stump of sickened and diseased wood. Trish had told the creature that they were planning on leaving and she could follow them, the party agreed and they finally headed back to the ship.

Once on the ship everyone was quite sick to set off. Worries abounded among their new crew and the party themselves. If the Weird Man could summon anyone from anywhere, even other universes, what was to stop him from simply dragging them back. Bordan and several of the other Cave people were insistent that they had never met anyone who had been summoned “back” by the monstrous experimenter. The group was not quite convinced of their safety though, and pushed the thoughts into the back of their heads. Feredir, Sariel & Grazel Kinz introduced themselves to everyone, though the eladrin and elf quickly went back to their job. Grazel & Aku went back to their normal actions and perversities, annoying the hell out of Aminon.

Only two more things of note happened during the session. Trish showed the object she had taken from the ruins that was so important to her. A odd black stone (obsidian?) figure taken from a temple, it represented some death or doom like figure known as The Plague by the old civilization there. Bordan seemed very unhappy about this, the Cave Peoples rules included not disturbing the temples, however Trish pointed out that she wasn’t just part of their group anymore and he wasn’t the boss now. Aminon tried to convince Trish to give him the statue, going as far as saying it was dangerous…she reluctantly agreed to let him see if it was magical but only if he swore to give it back to her. He tested it and found only a weak old magic around it, probably simply from being in a temple for so long, and then reluctantly gave it back to the girl.

Finally the dryad did not fare well on the trip, and shortly after launching into space, within 2 days, died…turning to ash in the arms of a weeping Trish. Several of the group stood around the young girl as the Dryad gave her last words to them all, thanking them for their attempt at helping her. Left in the pile of ash was a perfectly clear amber heart. Trish held onto the warm gem, and most of those around the scene were horrified when Aminon tried to convince the grieving woman to give him the heart.

So that was the end of the session, bad PCs! I create a whole small world with at least 2 dozen plot hooks and encounters, and they just leave! Oh well, that’s what happens with a open world campaign! :) At least everyone but Cyprus/Bake showed up.

NPCs Are Weird & Cave People, Tenth Session

The tenth session began with the party talking to The Weird Man. They had just met him and were trying to get his attention. Finally one of the party members walked up directly beside him and peered at what he was doing while saying hi. He mostly just listened to Aku & Nievatash as they explained what they were doing here, while asking what he was doing here as well. It was around then that he noticed Kazon Mueteres & Celeste, 2 people witch he had summoned there weeks before in an attempt to summon undead creatures. They both mentioned that this was the guy that summoned them, and that he was crazy & not to be trusted…and then disappeared. It turned out that the Weird Man had teleported them away apparently, claiming to have sent them back to where they originally came from. Momentarily after their new party members disappearance another person appeared.

In Celestes place appeared a dark looking Tiefling Warlock. Seeming to take the whole sudden transportation extremely well (a little too creepily well actually…) he proceeded to introduce himself as Aminon and asked what was going on here. Nievatash explained briefly who they were and asked who he was and after a short introduction from each other the focus went back to The Weird man. They were attempting to find out exactly what he was doing here, and while he wasn’t being secretive he was giving answers that were short and hard to understand. He seemed to just be existing, experimenting. He claimed that he had done this for a very long time, that he was above the concerns of everyone else, that this was what they would call his kingdom, that he was basically the ruler here…though he did nothing to claim that title, it is what they would refer to it as.

When talking about himself, answering the party’s questions, The Weird Man claimed to have nearly limitless power, at witch point Aku jokingly said he should summon a cute elven or halfling redhead here…to witch he did. A cute elven redhead appeared on the floor in front of Aku, dead as a doornail, looking like a young woman with no signs of ever having actually been alive, but apparently normal in all other ways. As everyone looked at the body the Weird Man said that he did Aku a favor and now gets one in return, witch he used to turn Akus hand into that of a lizard like creatures. Why he did it wasn’t clear to the party, and when pressed the humanoid only said that it was his favor and he would appreciate if Aku told him about the hand later before they left the asteroid. Aku didn’t seem to mind the hand too much and while he considered asking it to be turned back into normal eventually just decided to keep it, after all it seemed to perform fine and didn’t mess up anything else about his person.

Suddenly another person just appeared, this time a Goliath by the name of Keothi. He seemed only a little phased by his appearance here, but the Weird Man seemed fascinated, claiming that he did not summon Keothi. Walking forward he reached out and touched the Goliath, who found himself falling to his knees, tears leaking out of his wide staring face. This lasted for but a moment before it passed as quickly as it happened. The Weird Man claimed to have Experienced Goliath, possibly his whole life, and knew where he came from and why he was here. He mentioned a Lady, referenced her as a divinity, to with Keothi also mentioned somewhat. Here the odd creature said that it would give the Goliath a favor, since he lived threw the mans life, it was only fair. Keothi showed how kind he as, and perhaps intelligent, by saying the man should not do that again to anyone, and treat them with respect and dignity. He agreed to do so for a period of time.

Stepping back form Keothi and heading towards his workbench once again, The Weird Man was once again directly approached by Nievatash. The party began more directly asking if he was dangerous, if he would hurt the people of Hope if they came here. He seemed interested in people coming to the Lost Asteroid, saying that those he summons act much differently then a “normal” civilization. He very much wanted them to come and said so, Nievatash wanted to make sure nothing would happen to Vavilan Cromidore, because of their magical pact with him. In a slightly callous, bordering on evil, turn of events Nievatash didn’t seem to care at all about the obvious experimentation’s that the creature planed on doing to the pople, as long as he did it AFTER they finished their dealings with The Great Alchemist of Hope. Keothi & Aminon however did not like the sound of that at all, and seemed to be against bringing people here. Aminion tried to explain The Weird Man what he would need to do to be accepted by the people, how he could help them and be a kind patron and such…and while the creature listened it didn’t seem particularly interested in being some sort of kind guarding angel for the people of Hope. However it did want them there, agreed to the contract with Nievatash (though the party didn’t seem to see any magical binding of it) and offered them a small box to give to the people who would soon join his little world. Inside the box he explained was a tool that would help them build their kingdom, he also told the party that simply touching it would make them understand how to use it. The party briefly considered opening the box and looking at or using the tool, Aku making jokes about Pandora’s box. Then they left, heading back to their ship.

On the way down the mountainside they ran into Cyprus, an Eladrin Swordmage that claimed to be from a group of people to the west who live in caves. He claimed to be on his way up to visit the Weird Man and seemed very concerned by the fact they had just left there. He said the weird man was crazy, dangerous & evil. The party mentioned that they were going to go back to their ship and bring more people here, even though the new arrivals, Keothi & Aminon seemed to be trying to convince the group otherwise. Cyprus pleaded with the party to at least meet the other people here, the people in the caves before they left to bring more victims for the monster in the temple. They agreed.

The journey across 4 miles of the inside of the asteroid took longer then one would think, because of the mountains terrain, crossing the river and avoiding the forest in the middle of it all. Upon reaching the caves they noticed there were hundreds of them all over the inside of the asteroid here, and that around a few of them centered together was a stream of smoke, as well as the occasional makeshift piece of furniture, and a few pieces of very old furniture apparently drug up here from the ruins spotted in the forest earlier. Inside the party met a group of “survivors”

The group was quite diverse. A orc ranger who seemed oddly elven in how he kept himself and dressed. A Wilden sorcerer of some kind, a elderly human ex adventurer, a monastic shardmind, a feeble weak looking goliath girl, & a young foreign looking woman (asian & black mixed, but human). They all claimed to have been summoned here by the Weird Man some time in the past, years for all of them. Cruse, the Goliath Girl claimed to have been here for over a century, saying that she had tried to go against the creature in the temple several times & each time failed, being killed by it and reincarnated in a weaker body. Trish the roguish looking foreigner knew a great deal about the landscape here, having gone out to salvage things in the ruins quite often. Bordan, the old adventurer was somewhat of the leader here and had been there longer then anyone except for Cruse. He was calm and collected, being polite to the adventurers. Fornay Faust, the Wilden was his wife and was obviously crazed, she claimed to have been wounded by The Weird Man any time she went out the cave, and was terrified of the party, as well as accusatory of Trish for spending so much time outside. Ro, the shardmind was a monk & stated his dislike of The Weird Mans methods, but understood his wanting to explore and experiment on the universe. That left Orc, the Orc ranger…he was a odd one, carried himself like a elf, and even spoke in ways that seemed elvish. He spent more time outside then anyone, even Trish.

The party attempted to learn what they could of these people, mostly learning about the people themselves but also trying to find out as much as they could about this asteroid and the weird man. Everyone seemed to think The Weird Man was invincible, or at least nearly so. They saw no point in going against him, and promised to do anything they could to be brought off this place in the adventurers ship. Nievatash explained that they were planning on bringing more people here, and the people in the caves were shocked. They couldn’t believe someone would bring more people here, this land they said was cursed, ruled by the crazed thing in the temple. Cyprus, Keothi & Aminon all seemed to instead want to either get this people off or maybe even go up against The Weird Man. Someone mentioned a dragon that lived in the caves & one of the party members suggested maybe they should talk to it, see if it could help time. But it seemed that the dragon was summoned as well, and much much worse had come & gone before it.

Confused & not sure what to do…but knowing dozens if not a hundred lives depended on their choices, the party, with it’s new & old members alike continued to talk and try to figure out just what the future of these cave people & the people of Hope would be…

Severe Shrubbery & Glittering Waters, Ninth Session

The ninth session began with the group trying to decide how they were going to proceed into the asteroid. It turned out that Kazon knew a way inside, and it was nearby. Though the party figured there might be other ways in, they in the end saw no reason to use a different approach, since Kazon didn’t remember anything dangerous on his way out. After a brief flight of a few minutes to the cave, they settled outside and walked into the dim light.

Once inside they walked quite a ways, winding up and down, back and forth inside the tunnels, until they got to a larger opening with some odd vines all over the place. The vines were thick, and seemed to be a mix of different types of vegetation. However some of the larger vines that seemed to grow practically everywhere looked to be of the same type as each other, and there was lots of reasons to believe that they might even all be from the same plant.

Sensing a odd presence in the area, filled with malice and hate, Nievatash urged the party to move on, at witch point they headed out of the small cave and deeper into the asteroid…or would have if they were not that moment attacked. The things that attacked the party were none other then several of the large “bushes” that they had seen in the room. Though the shrubs possessed no mouths, or ability to communicate, they viciously attacked the group, some bursting into flames at a touch, others jabbing out with pointy dagger sharp leaves, and a pair of them even trying to drag limbs into the deep whirling and grinding saw like blades inside the bush. The battle was short if somewhat horrifying in oddity, and in the sense of cloying powerful hate emanating not only from the bushes but from all the plant life in the area. Having not found any way to communicate with their attackers, and still sensing a “presence” and malice in the air, they went into the continuing caves, leaving the plant infested area to be dealt with on their return…if they had to.

The tunnels continued for a hour or 2 more before they finally reached the fully open inside of the asteroid. As they breached the close walls they found themselves on top of what could only be called a mountain on the inside side of the asteroid (think a hollowed out eggshell). Looking down over the lands they saw to the west another mountainous range, filled with caves. in the center, and to their north, they saw a lush forest…with some sort of odd almost completely hidden buildings inside…though no motion. To the east they saw more mountains, as well as a large black stone temple that extended out from the side on a long pillar, smoke poured out from it as if it was in use. Separating the east from the west was also a long river, falling from the ceiling of the asteroids north in a great waterfall, and dissipating in the south just as mysteriously. Under the waterfall there was a large lake as well.

Deciding to make their way for the only place that had signs of life, the temple, they headed down the mountain, deciding not to go in the forest, and hit the river to be crossed. While not deep the rivers waters ran fast, and it was over a hundred feet wide, making crossing it something that had to be done carefully. The “beaches” of the river were covered with a thin white sand, and inside the water they found the bottom to be similarly thick with the muddy white paste like substance that covered the more normal layers of mud and rock underneath. As they crossed Sariel and Aku noticed something in the water…small little pebbles of various colors. Investigating them further they realized they were gemstones! Small CUT gemstones. These were the sort of stones that were cut to display in jewelry…and the rivers white silt seemed to contain hundreds of them. The group managed to pick up several dozen on their way crossing the river, and talked once on the other side about what this could possibly mean…as well as what it could possibly be worth.

However about now is when Aku and Ferider found several tracks of some sort of large creature and decided that it would be best for them all to continue their conversation during the rest of their trip to the temple. The journey to the temple took most of the rest of the day and nothing else of interest happened.

At the temple they saw that it was held out on a pier of stone that went out hundreds of meters from the side of the mountain. The temple itself was made of a solid black stone, and while not decorated artistically, it was laid out much in the way of a Greek temple, with some sections of it being wall less with simple pillars holding up a ceiling, and other sections being enclosed rooms. It took them only a few minutes of walking threw the open areas, with nothing of note being seen, before they came onto the edge of a great opening to the outside overlooking all of the asteroids interior, as well as a man.

The man ignored them as they stood there, waiting to be acknowledge until finally someone spoke up. Kazon and Chantele mentioned that this was the crazy old man they both had met and were supposedly summoned by…He was humanoid, 8 feet tall, and oddly skinned. His body had far more appendages then it should have, tails and horns, arms, but when ever anyone tried to follow or focus on any specific aspect of him it hurt their eyes and their minds…causing them to lose track of what they were doing. He was an obviously magical creature, in some sense, and there was some great illusion or power that effected his form.

We ended here, where they had not yet begun to talk with the weird man but had met him. It has been quite a while since we played due to various things (some unfortunate situations with me, as well as the holidays)

Rest & More Oddities, Eighth Session

The eighth involved to players going back to hope and looking around the town a bit, while getting ready and eventually departing on their next mission for the explorers guild.

Having successfully drove off the Giant Space Harpy, the players took a long rest on their way back to Hope, questioning the explorers on board about how the harpy babies got there. It turns out that they had brought them on board, for various reasons…thinking that they could be used for all sorts of things. Most of their ideas involved trying to breed the harpies, for things such as food and maybe even materials or a workforce. The Players were obviously not happy about this because of the damage it caused the inside of the ship, as well as endangering everyone on board. On the lighter side of things Grazel Kinz came up on deck later on, talking about all this white paint he found downstairs and what all he was planning on doing with it, war paint, using it to decorate his harem and so on…To everyone’s horror they realized this was harpy poop. Not knowing if it had any other use, the stuff was cleaned up and put into a barrel for possible later use (if it has any uses).

Once back in Hope, on Law, they reported their findings and then took a must needed rest. The next 3 days were spent finishing up the ferrying mission for the Explorers Guild. During this time the party got more acquainted with Celeste, who for the most part wanted to be left alone…but she also didn’t want to be left on this small planet and so spent most of her time on the Aspirant and with the party, including going on the rest of their escorts with them. There was also a brief checkup on Halifor the burnt out pisonicist, who seemed to be quite happy here, and was apparently being treated much nicer by the Astronomers Guild then the party originally thought he would be.

The night of the final escort mission was some what of a party, with many of the council members from both guilds joining. Not much was talked about and everyone got nice and tipsy…it was a peaceful rest before the continuation of the Explorers Guilds requests…the dangerous asteroid investigation.

Checking up with Horun the Party was informed of just what it was they would be going into…at least what was known about it. 2 Days away there is a large asteroid roughly 5 miles by 5 miles in size, and there are signs on the surface of greenery, as well as a river of some sort. As Horun pointed out on the map it’s location, Celeste walked up closer to the party and mentioned that she had been there..and said that it has a inside…that the asteroid is hollow and there is a forest inside. This was quite a shock to Horun, who had no idea…but was also very excited as this meant it sounded even better then they had hoped for! Before they left Sariel got a copy of the latest Map of Fracture that the Explorers Guild had.

With this information the group set off, with no ceremony this time, to the asteroid. 2 Days travel later they arrived. Upon getting there they saw the outside was covered in the occasional growth of green vines…that while still scrawny were far more full of life and much more numerous then the ones they saw anywhere on Law (except for the ones at The Alchemists mansion). Just about to sit down next to the river they saw a man on the surface of the asteroid waving at them…pulling instead to fly over him Grazel Kinz was looking overboard and there was a loud “thump”. The goblin then cried out saying how the hit the poor man and he was splattered all over the hull of the ship! At first a few people were shocked, but Sariel assured the party that wasn’t true and the fact that the mischievous goblin was rolling around on the deck laughing made it apparent as well. Upon landing they hopped off the Aspirant and were acquainted with the tall, covered in plate, person who called themselves Kazon.

Kazon was a odd fellow, who seemed to be playing off his being here as a picnic or something just as easy going and normal…but you don’t just find people walking around the outside of asteroids. The party did not seem very accepting of him or his presence, and were almost all very suspicious about him…thinking he might be part of a trap or some group here, but he assured them he was not from here. After sneaking around and looking in a small shrine the man kept in a tiny alcove, they finally told him what they were doing here. He explained why he was here, and it turned out to be the same reason that Celeste was eventually here…some weird crazy person summoned him and was annoyed he wasn’t “undead”. He explained when asked that the closest way into the asteroid was a cave about 2 miles away, and that while he would be quite interested to follow them inside and see whats going on!

The session ended as the group was deciding wither they should walk to the cave or fly the ship there.

Giant Space Harpy, Sixth & Seventh Session
Giant Space Harpy, Asteroid, Ferrying

Since session six and seven were mostly combat oriented the summery for both is very short, i therefore included them in a single post.

The sixth session started off with the party members reviewing what had happened in the end of the fifth, mostly re-clarifying that they were going inside the tunnel with the hopes of finding people alive, while Davoi Smith and the crew got onto the Aspirant. One of the guards decided to go with the players but the rest stayed on the ship, as well as Feredir (since he was not there that session and) because he was long range and could spot and pick off any possible dangers from a distance.

Inside the cave the adventurers found more of the large eggs, and a small clutch of baby harpies. The babies were a little smaller then humans, but were extremely thin and their flesh was nearly see threw. Sleeping beside the mewing blind babies were some “adult” space harpies, being fully formed and feathered. Two corpses were on the floor of the small room, one torn apart another dead from blood loss. A third body ended up being a woman who was still alive. Nievatash woke the person up and told them to flee, making sure to keep her quiet as, her last moments prior having been being attacked by the harpies were in stark terror. The group then snuck past the monstrous humanoids, the young bird-girls hissing at their presence but doing little else.

Going deeper into the small asteroid they passed another room, this one filled with even younger harpies. These were the size of children, nestled in large nests, and were completely unaware of their surroundings. Two more corpses were in this room, and yet again one of them turned out to be someone still alive, a man this time, wounded but alive. Here the guard that had came into the cave with them decided to leave, helping the survior out (having been worried that he might flip out and wake the others on his way out).

During their investigation of the second room and while dealing with the only other survivor found, Sariel snuck off further into the cave…and found himself stareing into the large central den of a Giant Space Harpy. The Giant Space Harpy was over 20 feet tall and obviously an ancient creature. Her wings, when unfurled, would have been wide enough when to reach each end of the 20×20 room. Her individual feathers were the size of broadswords, and as hard as iron. The beasts face was that of a old woman, her entire body pockmarked and lined with cracks from her many voyages into the space around the asteroid lair. Sariel managed to slip away before he was noticed…but not before Aku noticed him in front of the room and came towards him…he WAS noticed. The Giant Space Harpy threw down the meaty bits of some explorers insides she was munching on and with a scream that vibrated the entire asteroid the chase was on.

The chase involved them running out of the cave, escaping threw the short but not short enough hallways. As they ran down the dark halls the walls and floor began cracking apart due to the sonic power of the Giant Space Harpy, and the horrible force her rampaging body exerted on the rock. Side effects hindered our adventurers, as it opened up into dangerous cracks and spewed out sudden gout’s of fire and hot steam. The going was dangerous, as Aku was caught by the giant feathered woman during the surprises round and Celeste was forced to try and help him. They slowly made their way out, dodging waves of fire, leaping over crevices and occasionally throwing spells or swinging blows at the enraged seemingly invincible monster.

Nearing the exit of the cave they noticed that the adult harpies were no longer sleeping, indeed they were no longer there at all, and most of the babies were gone as well. Sariel screamed out at Grazel to be ready to explode the powder he had suggested the goblin set up to cut off the cave mouth. Niev escaped first, then Sariel then Aku. Finally at the last moment Celeste leaped out of the cave and the 2 kegs of goblin blast powder exploded, bringing down the cave on top of the Giant Space Harpy. The group quickly found they were not out of the fire yet, as it seemed this is where the missing harpies had fled to. There was a brief short battle with the remaining monsters, driving off the few they didn’t slay, and then they left as soon as possible.

The wounded now bellow deck & Sariel pushing the spelljammer throne as hard as it would go, they sped away from the asteroid, taking a short breather before a large explosion behind them got their attention. From the site of a freshly made hole burst forth a dusty and wounded Giant Space Harpy…intent of catching and eating the heroes. So ended the sixth session.

The Seventh Session started directly after we left off in the sixth.

As they flew away from the Giant Space Harpy, it became apparent that the Aspirant just wasn’t fast enough to get away from the space worthy 20 foot tall feathery monster bitch. Manning the ships weapons for the first time, 2 ballistas and a catapult, they began firing shots towards their pursuer, wounding her slightly with each hit despite her amazing resilience. These were weapons designed to strike other ships after all. Even such massive wounds seemed to only be barely noticeable to her however…and she had brought friends. Leaping off of their mother, several adult harpies began flying towards the party, making good time after a boost from their parent in the form of a helpful push. The group began switching up targets, sometimes firing at the Mother and sometimes at the young space harpies. They took out several of the creatures with the overly powerful weapons but eventually some got threw and reached the Aspirant.

At almost the same time as the Harpies landed on the deck, there was a commotion inside the ship of screaming baby harpies! Shortly after noticing the sound, a small flock of the babies ran out, as blind as ever they screamed wildly and pecked at anything they ran into, along with them also came 2 heavily wounded but none the less dangerous adults. The party wasn’t sure how these things managed to get inside…but a sneaking suspicion had them thinking it was probably the blasted explorers fault somehow. The battle was intense, and brutal. There were moments where it seemed the harpies may overwhelm them, especially since the Giant Space Harpy was suddenly closing the distance much faster then earlier. Launching out flaming balls of phlegm at the siege weapons the flying giant was getting even more dangerous then before, threatening to destroy the heroes only means of fighting her off.

In the end our party triumphed! Slaying the remaining harpies on deck and putting out the fires, at seemingly the final moment where victory was possible, they drove off the Mother with concentrated fire from all 3 still functioning, though heavily damaged, ship vs Giant Space Harpy weapons. Exhausted and wounded we ended the session there, as they sat on the deck, triumphant against a nearly invincible force of nature…or magic…or what ever it was that blasted creature was spawned from.

Winning & Work, Fith Session
after break

The fifth session of our Spelljammer campaign was nearly a month after our last one unfortunately and started with some problems on my side. One of the players who was to replace one of the two who quit hadn’t been heard from in quite a while and one of the mains had to show up late. However we started shortly after our appointed time and had a nice long session.

We started with our adventures on the deck of the Forlorn Hope, interrogating the freshly brought down Captain Rodregez. It was not sure what the party had decided to do with him last session, so we re decided, in the end coming up with that while they told the Captain and his first mate (Inferno Magus Jan) that they were going to leave them with the authorities on Law, the party had actually decided that they were going to leave them to starve to death on a nearby asteroid. Rodregez somehow saw threw that this was a lie but bid his time momentarily while he answered a few more of their questions (witch were ones i believe we had discussed in the session a month ago, but it never hurts to go over things again). He then suddenly decided that while he was willing to quit a fight before his death if it meant he would live in prison, he was not willing to surrender to people who were obviously planning on doing something else. So the Captain drew his blade and leaped at the wounded Sariel, only to quickly and efficiently be bonked on the head by Aku, falling to the deck unconscious.

It was then that Jan made one of the toughest decisions in his life and leaped forward, wordlessly unleashing all his pent up energy into the group, focusing on the brash Paladin Vulcan. His unexpected attack, as well as the surprising fury of it, caught the party off guard. Such was the intensity of the attack that Vulcan stood no chance in surviving it, as the dozens of minute meteors pierced threw his plate armor and exploded inside, turning his chest into jelly. Most of the rest of the party was spared the wrath of the attack, except for a few minor burns. Rodregez was dead as the smoke cleared, several purposefully well placed attacks having executed him. Jan stepped down, broken, sat down on the deck and simply muttered that his Captain did not deserve a dishonorable death, and so gave him mercy instead.

The adventurers tied up Jan and headed back to Hope. Once on hope they were received with a great deal of enthusiasm and cheering, though less then the festival when they left (many people had jobs to go to by now, and the goblins had all left to go back to their villages and work out what to do without a Chief). The party was tired however and had business on the mind, singlemindedly making their way to the Bulk Storage facility. Larson Kraul saw them on the way and tried to strike up a friendly conversation with them, but it seemed they were busy and so politely excused himself. Once at their storage room they showed jan the box with the powerful object in it and asked him if this is what the pirates were looking for. Jan wasn’t sure because they were never told specifically what it was, but claimed that this objects power would make it desirable by anyone. It was at this point that Aku decided that was all they needed to know about him and killed the bound prisoner by hugging him and pressing his dozens of blades into the helpless pirate (while the party just watched silently). There was a brief discussion on how to deal with the body and the mess, the final decision being to apologize to Larson for the blood and to put Jans body in a crate then ship it to their ship the Aspirant.

The party then headed back to their ship but realized they should probably go talk to the Astronomers Guild now, since the guild was looking for them and was polite enough to not leap on them at plantfall. The Guild was obviously busy, as there was only a skeleton crew outside maintaining the gate, but our heroes were quickly escorted to the council chamber. Here they found the majority of the Astronomers, as well as the Council, holed up in a nearly filled room, discussing the possibilities of the pirate ship and what it could do for Hope as it was their property now. It seemed that the two main ideas were to either use it as a large colony vessel to move hope to a much larger and less time/distance limited asteroid, or to set up a major trade route with one of the larger central based kingdoms. It was now that Elnro noticed the party and went on to discuss how lucrative their deal was, and how helpful to both parties it was. The man was extremely careful to not come off as the Astronomers Guild being in debt or overly thankful however, and viewed the exchange of helping the adventurers get their ship working and the party then providing the pirate ship to the Guild, as being a balanced exchange. There was a brief finalization of the deal and then they headed off up to the ship in orbit to get the astronomers on board.

Once there the group again spoke with Elnro, who was curious as to how the whole thing worked. When told of Halifor, the burnt out psion, Elnro decided he would have the man teach them. It was then that everyone noticed that no one had actually seen the psion since landing, and he wasn’t on the ship. Elnro seemed to not be worried about this, as Law was a small asteroid, the goblins weren’t dangerous, and Hope was a even smaller city. He was quite sure the out of place man would show up eventually and wouldn’t cause too much trouble. The party was slightly worried with Elnros tone, as it appeared he had plans of turning the burnt out psionicst into a slave, but the Astronomers Guild council member assured the party that he would do no such thing, and wouldn’t require the man to actually pilot it anymore but just to teach them how to do so themselves.

Almost ready to relax, the last thing they did before retiring to a night of rest (and for aku carnal acts with sexy sexy goblins) they checked in with the Explorers guild, finding out what was required of them in the coming week they had devoted to ferrying the people to for support in building the Aspirant. With knowledge in hand they then crashed.

The next few days were spent going about on various small close asteroids, bringing crews of sometimes 3 and sometimes as much as 15 to different places. The party saw how busy the people of Hope are when they put their mind to it, and more importantly when they have the resources and means to go about doing anything other then sitting at home and looking into the night sky. Things were going well until arriving back at one of the larger groups they had set down they noticed something obviously bad had happened. Laying in a corner were several wounded explorers and a completely out of place stranger next to them. Guarding the entrance to a large cave leading into the asteroid were armed guards, as well as explorers looking inside…but no one was actually going into or out of it. Davoi Smith stood away from the cave, his 2 personal guards right next to him, and instantly jumped on the party, telling them that they needed to leave, and do it quickly Over the next few minutes the party was told that birdlike people attacked the explorers while they were inside the cave, it was sudden and fierce and there were a lot of them. More then 1/2 the group didn’t make it out, some were visibly torn apart, others were dragged away or simply couldn’t be taken account for. The heroes discussed the likelihood that those left inside were alive, not all agreeing with each other. Davoi seemed to be positive that everyone was dead, but he was also very apparently terrified and looking out for himself. There were 2 guards who claimed that they for sure know not everyone was killed in teh attack, and despite several hours having passed that those inside could possibly still be alive. The party then considered bringing everyone back to hope and coming back to get those left inside, but it was decided that they would almost definitely not make it that long without dying.

We ended the session As the party realized a large pile of rocks outside were actually man sized eggs, and when one of the explorers pointed out that this darkly dressed tall woman next to the wounded was already on the asteroid when they got here…and that she somehow survived for at least a day inside the asteroid…so maybe there is hope.

Partying & Pirate Confrontation, Fourth Session

The fourth session started off a bit oddly as we went back prior to the start of combat in the end of the 3rd session and redid the week leading up to the building and launching of their new ship. We went into further detail about the various things that happened, such as Varn working on the ship all hours of the night & getting help form many of the players as their memories were begining to come back, as well as using much of the Explorers Guild’s past records from rocket making for colony transferance.

On the day of the launch everyone in Hope was around the newly constructed ship, except for Varn who was supposedly passed out in some little alcove taking a nap. The Astronomers guild was there, going about their business, many trying to peddle wares, make deals, and take advantage of the high hopes and exhilaration going around the town. Several of the guild were more focused on the ship and the adventures, sulking with each other, watching…waiting, wondering if the people that promised them the enemy Galleon would deliver. Members of the explorers guild, most of the town guards, and Pinak, lazily sitting on a porch watching the the festival with the dazed look of a old man. The people themselves were friendly, congratulating the successful completion of the ship, giving well wishes, and some fruitlessly begging to be brought along.

Finally after the pleasantry and basking in the attention of a whole town the group headed up onto the ship only to notice the goblins coming into Hope in the distance. They came in a large mass outnumbering the towns people, but were simply there to see off their boss Grazel Kinz, and to mingle with the humans, rare was it that the goblins visited Hope in large numbers, and this particularly large amount no one could ever remember having happened. With the best wishes from everyone, human and/or goblin, the crew set up onto their ship, the newly named Aspirant while Aku playfully flirted with several females, including one of the more interesting looking goblins ones. Off into the sky they went, now carrying the Astronomers Guild guards and the goblins, both to help with the upcoming pirate boarding attempt.

They rose without problems, to the cheers and hollers of those on the surface, leaping into the darkness of space that this little asteroid was floating threw so peacefully. Within minutes they found their adversaries and boldly approached, preparing several crates to give cover…ready to assault, and then battle was upon them.

The battle was fierce but the pirates were outnumbered, less then 10 crewed the top of the deck and were quickly taken down, though they slew one of the Astronomers Guild guards in the process, and 3 of Grazel Kinzs goblin minions. Before the adventures could decide where specifically to head next on the ship 4 more guards attacked, putting up a bit more of a fight then the previous ones, but were also all slain except apart from one who was taken alive. After questioning the dying woman they considered helping her but had little success with basic first aid, and before Nievatash could regain any of his healing abilities she died, though not without being of some use as she told them that the pirates where there to get some cargo the party was apparently in possession of. The soon to be dead pirate also mentioned and that the captain was in the forecastle of the ship.

The crewman having told the truth they found the captain inside the tip of the ship. He wished to exchange taunts and words with the party but Vulcan quickly rose to threats, causing Pirate Captain Rodregez to kick them back, and proceed to attack them flamboyantly. During the assault Inferno Magus Jan joined Rodregez, while a decrepit burnt out looking psionicst ran around trying to get out of danger. The battle was fierce and short, with the Pirate Captain nearly felling Sariel, but in the end failing to do so. A burst of concentrated firepower brought down the large and loud Captain, who nearly slain surrendered, despite Jans annoyance giving up so easily.

Though the Burning Magus was hardly touched, Rodregez had been brought low and proceeded to haughtily answer the parties questions. He spoke of being a privateer for one of the large kingdoms in the inner zones of fracture. Despite that he knew not what they were looking for he knew it was a important and powerful piece of cargo. He confessed exactly who it was he was working for and where they are located, however both pieces of information mean next to nothing to the players until they can find directions, perhaps with a bit of research. He inquired about what they would do with him, pridefully not asking in any specific manner to be left alive. The party thought for a while of leaving them on an asteroid, but realized that would be the same (if not worse) then killing the 2 so decided to instead let the people of Hope deal with the scalawags. The burnt out psionicst was a special case, he claimed to simply be a power source to make the ship fly hired out by the kingdom who provides for Rodregez and the crews privateer status, and the spell caster begged to be let go since he had never hurt anyone or profited off of the Pirates actions. The party felt sympathetic for the wretched looking man and agreed.

Having played quite a bit longer then we usualy do, and everyone showing up on time, we decided to call it a night. Sadly our next session is/was delayed for 2 weeks due to the DM being out of town


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