Imagine a universe where square worlds spin around gemstone suns. Where planets lie cradled in the roots of an oak tree so vast its leaves twirl around brightly burning suns. Where ships of wood sail the void between worlds, and battle each other with catapult and ballista, spell and sword. Where an asteroid may be a safe harbor, a slaver’s den, or a hungry creature eager to devour any that pass by. Where daring swashbucklers and scoundrels race for fantastic treasures and literally touch the stars. Where terrifying beasts with the power to destroy whole worlds roam.

Welcome . . . to the universe of Spelljammer!

In the Spelljammer campaign, the fantastic is possible and one is limited only by the depths of their imagination. Sailing ships, enwrapped in bubbles of air, travel empty Wildspace, moved by the power of their mystic helms. Gravity is a matter of convenience, where a captain can tour the bottom of his ship, and worlds come in all shapes and sizes. Whole solar systems are surrounded by colossal spheres made of an unbreakable, crystal-like substance to protect them from an ocean of swirling light and color, the flammable Phlogiston, which divides the void between stars.

The premises of spelljammer is simple and elegant yet amazingly open and fantastic. In it you play the men and women of the universe who have realized that there is more then their worlds, there is more then just the various planes, that there is a space around all those places, and that nothing is truly limited by boundaries. A high magic setting, spelljammer allows all sorts of curious mixing between the various campaign worlds, as well as allowing a unique frontier to be explored, with its new places and politics, factions and more.

In wildspace take nothing for granted and forget what you thought you knew of the various races. Artifacts are a source of power for ships, gods are distant worries and there is always something amazing and unexplored on the horizon. Get your crew together and go out, leap into the unknown and change not only the world, not only the setting but the balance of the universe itself.

Spelljammer-Adventures In Realm Space

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